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  1. this is from the rotten tomatoes page


    "Trevor Moorehouse, the legendary serial killer of a remote summer camp, reappears (disguised in a white hockey mask) when a new crop of fresh-faced teenaged counselors arrives to reopen the place. It's not the smartest thing these young adults have ever done, but on their first night at the eerie camp they play a campfire game, Bloody Murder, which not only scares a few of them into a panic but creates tension within their budding romantic relationships. The next day the body count begins, as the counselors go missing only to turn up horribly mutilated later. With just about everyone else dead or missing, spry Julie (Jessica Morris) uses her computer to figure out who had the opportunity and motive -- and realizes she's next."

  2. This movie HAS to be on the show. It is the most blatant rip off of Friday the thirteenth and Scream, and it is wonderful. It is 2000's Bloody Murder. It is one of the most confusing and ridiculous movies I have ever seen. The acting and dialogue are god awful and they try to pull off all sorts of crazy twists, but more and more twists keep coming each making less sense than the last. The ending is probably the best part, as it happens right after the movie starts to make a little bit of sense and BAM crazy twist. I think this movie is definitely worth checking out.