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  1. Hip About Time

    Character Drawings

    If there isn't already a Nerd Poker t-shirt in the works, should we start nominating which pictures we think would be great for a design? Unless of course they decide to go with the logo or not make one at all, sad as that would be. Either way i'm in awe of the sketching talent here.
  2. Hip About Time

    Episode 11 — The Battle Continues

    Anyone else getting Billy Quizboy from Sark's nerd voice?
  3. Hip About Time

    Episode 9 — Going In Recons Blazing

    After they mentioned the Mech that punched Ell Ryan into the water, I figured they would have commissioned the survivors to salvage and repair it from where the pontoon sank. Also as someone unfamiliar with D&D, would the weapons they left on the crashed ship be worth going after?
  4. Hip About Time

    Episode 8 — The Survivors

    Had the book in mind, from the way Sark described the movement of the water. I don't think my Russian was ever good enough to watch the film without subtitles, if the experience is akin to this podcast though i'm in.
  5. Hip About Time

    Episode 8 — The Survivors

    Have to say I'm getting more of a Solaris vibe rather than Waterworld?