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  1. NickArnold

    Episode 34 — Total Math Wiz

    Is she here? Can you get a hold of her cause I'd love to talk to her and trounce her in everything Video Game related. By the way, where did I say she couldn't participate in the forums. Maybe she could get her other white knights to listen to the show, which can only help. You probably watched G4 didn't you? Let me compare this in those terms, she's G4 I'm TechTv. Get it son? You just really get your jimmies rustled easily huh. Ps. If you want to see what a real gamer who is female looks like look for Dodger on YouTube, seeing how she is about the games and not the looks.
  2. NickArnold

    Episode 34 — Total Math Wiz

    Ps ps, Dr.Who hasn't had nerd cred in years, just look at Tumblr to see that
  3. NickArnold

    Episode 34 — Total Math Wiz

    Well glad you looked up my gamerscore but that is my second Xbox live account, my first one which I had billing issues after I got a new debit card was 80,000 not to mention all the hours I've logged on non Xbox 360 consoles. Nor did I harass her or threaten, I don't care if girls play games, I know plenty that do but you obviously have ulterior motives when you broadcast it constantly. One last thing there buddy, you should chill cause you seem to be really over sensitive over shit that does not concern you
  4. NickArnold

    Episode 34 — Total Math Wiz

    It's ok Chanson I still love you, it's just me and this admin guy will never agree. I'll drop it though and keep my discussion only to the love of the Reality Show Show.
  5. NickArnold

    Episode 34 — Total Math Wiz

    Well hello mister white knight, didnt you see the part where I mentioned she also dated Lemon Demon. Next your gonna tell me Jessica Chobot is a real nerd too. My problem with this phenomenon is the fact it abuses a culture I hold dear just for attention. I guarantee she doesn't know the first thing about being a nerd, not that they're cant be attractive nerd girls mind you, they just don't take slutty pics of themselves or constantly say "lollolol I'm such a nerd guys" But it's better than whatever you are. As for the Gia topic, you're right people never joke about sensitive issues, golly I'm so terrible.
  6. NickArnold

    Episode 34 — Total Math Wiz

    Is Chris Hardwicks much younger gold digging girlfriend who used to date the guy who did that ultimate showdown song gonna be on it? She's like a total nerd you guys and definitely not just pretending to be one cause its cool.
  7. NickArnold

    Episode 34 — Total Math Wiz

    I agree, I honestly don't think I'm gonna post anymore. I mean I thought Hayes and Sean were my best friends, I'm kinda upset that they're just a brand. I was gonna ask Sean to be my best man at my wedding but now, I'm just gonna look like Pau Gasol in I Love You Man.
  8. NickArnold

    Generation Gaps

    Two thoughts 1. Didn't realize Cracked was still around 2. Interesting premise, I'll give it another shot but it was kinda awkward and the music bumps were annoying. I'm sure they'll get better
  9. NickArnold

    Episode 94 — Hands In The Air

    Please Kevin point out the flaws then and not just say, that somethings are ok and some are not. The fact is who are you do judge the line for other people? If someone is to compare sex with an animal to sex with a child then everything else is equal comparisons as well.
  10. Holy shit, Chanson you just won everything.
  11. NickArnold

    Episode 94 — Hands In The Air

    Alex your argument comparing animals to human children, with all due respect, is complete and utter bullshit. Please allow me to list things we do to animals that we don't do to children, that by your logic shouldn't be allowed since animals can't give consent regardless if it hurts them or not. 1) Stores that sell animals to anyone 2) Zoos (we lock them in cages and pay to watch them) 3) Milk them (We forcible tie cows to machines that milk them for us to drink) 4) Slaughter them for food (Probably the biggest one) 5) Sheer Sheep (Forcibly take their hair for our enjoyment) 6) Kill them for fur/skin 7) Use them for our sporting entertainment 8) Forcefully breed them So unless you're a complete strict vegan, who has never in their life eaten any meat (fish included) or drank any milk other than your mothers, or worn any clothes made from animal, then you're a complete hypocrite. Because I'm pretty sure killing them and eating there flesh is way worse to the animal then letting them mount someone. Also where is your line drawn? Have you killed a bug? They're alive, so are germs and single celled organisms. Hell so are plants, so please Mr. Hypocrite tell me where its ok to stop?
  12. NickArnold

    Episode 94 — Hands In The Air

    Clearly you are either too young or too old or grew up with out internet access in the early 2000's. Mr.Hands is on the internet fame level of Goatse, Tubgirl and the Harliquin Fetus. Sites like this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ogrish were really popular with internet kids for a while.
  13. Do you hate on the news for them reporting on #NationalTragedies no, so don't hate on us man. You're acting like I didn't just deliver the facts that this 29 year old woman, who happened to only date athletes and wanted to be on tv, hung herself. Its not like I tied the noose or anything. I for one think Sean and Hayes would be proud of this topic if they read it.
  14. NickArnold

    Episode 94 — Hands In The Air

    I do agree the debate was really weak, Don you can say there was no point in yelling at him but that was kinda the point of the segment. As much as I'm not into having sex with animals, if I girl or guy wants to be penetrated by an animal whats the harm. I gotta agree with John. I mean in ancient Greek mythology Zeus appeared as many different animals and as a swan impregnated a female human. I mean King Minos' wife had sex was impregnated by a bull and that's how the Minotaur was born. Have you ever tried to take an animal to the Vet? Most are extremely hard to get there, they don't do things they don't want to do. Plus who actually hasn't seen bestiality, I'm not saying jerking off to it but just seen it with friends or anything in High School? I mean everyone knows who Mr.Hands is...
  15. http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/gia-allemand-dead-29-bachelor-contestant-dies-undisclosed-medical-emergency-article-1.1426795 Bachelor Pad #Star Gia committed suicide the other day or something. There's the article, I'm assuming Sean and Hayes will get to the bottom of this being the newsmen they are. In the words of Jake Pavelka or at least his twitter feed "We lost an angel". To be honest I wonder if there was foul play, though that is always concerned when a star of this magnitude commits "suicide". I think Jake may be involved but I'll leave that to the #Professionals. (Serious side note: If anyone is really offended by my taking the suicide lightly, I'm truly sorry. I'll delete the topic if it really does bother any of my fellow fans.)