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  1. subject117

    Episode 251.1 — Minisode 251.5

    Also also Free on something called "comedyhub" on Roku.
  2. subject117

    Episode 248 Velocipastor

    Okay, I haven't listened yet, but I was about half way through this "movie" yesterday and today it's not free on Prime! They want United States Dollars to rent this! No thank you.
  3. subject117

    Episode 246 - Swordfish: LIVE!

    Yeah, I think the pitch for this movie was "It's like Hackers, but with guns, car chases, explosions, and boobs!"
  4. subject117

    Episode 246 - Swordfish: LIVE!

    Yeah, that's what I thought too, maybe being fake bombs. To have 22 people with real bombs capable of each doing that amount of damage is INSANE! And it was just to get MONEY! Nothing done there means even one terrorist would be taken down. Meanwhile, if you have one dog collar glitch and go off, you at minimum kill yourself and everybody in the bank? Just such a dumb plan.
  5. subject117

    Episode 246 - Swordfish: LIVE!

    A few thoughts… To be fair, in the club bathroom, Ginger is the one who shoves Stan against the wall and starts kissing him to shut him up. But then they're both super into it. Talking about all of the “hacker stuff”, it’s like somebody watched the movie Hackers and said, “Hey, it’s six years later. Let’s just do all of this, but not try at all.” How is the woman outside the bank when she explodes? I thought the building was the perimeter? And why does that goon take her out of the bank in the first place? It's never established that there's a hostage exchange or anything. Also, “This will all be over before you can say Cat in the Hat”?!
  6. subject117

    Episode 239.5 — Prequel to 240

    Yeah, 619-PAUL-ASS is a completely different thing, don't worry about, nothing to see here, move along... (Also, not to be another "that guy", but this thread title should be "Episode 239.5 — Prequel to 240")
  7. subject117

    Episode 167.5 - Minisode 167.5

    Yeah, it was the guy. Still a good explanation though. And maybe it was short for Ferdinand? Or possibly a portmanteau of "Fucking Nerdy"? Just a couple of ideas.
  8. subject117

    Episode 284 - CheeseDrake Factory

    A good ep. despite the lack of Wiewie. I loved the dichotomies of Kulap/RHCP and 'Stard/Comic Book Movies. Good stuff. Also reminded me to listen to Blood Sugar Sex Magik again. It's fantastic. Also, nobody comments on eps. anymore?
  9. subject117

    EPISODE 258 — Spit It and Quit It

    "What about a hummingbird?" -Howard Kremer Steve-O on this very podcast is a great example. To this day, I haven't made it through that episode, due solely to his voice. And whether or not you liked Kether's voice, who the hell thinks she sounds southern? I would have guessed Californian. Although, she does sound a lot like Abby and/or Bridey Elliott, who were apparently raised in Connecticut. So there you go. P. S. : Please tweak the format so the guest gets more time. I mean, she herself mentioned how short it was. Thanks!
  10. subject117

    EPISODE 333 — Pit Stop

    Jack Antonoff? I barely know Anton. (Stolen and paraphrased from Will Forte as I recall.) All I could think of since seeing the guest.
  11. subject117

    EPISODE 218.5 — 2/06/15 TWO CHARTED 157

    "There's no back muscles in my neck!...I don't pre-judge the muscles by where they are in my body...If you're a tight muscle, you're getting the crow!" Great stuff. I just got one of those bars and it really is made to use all over your body. Perhaps not as forcefully as Howard does it.
  12. subject117

    Episode 15Z - Dave Holmes

    The Reagan thing was weird. Tony first said March 30, 1981, the correct date (a Monday). Then I heard Eliot say something about the 21st and then Tony said "...March 21st was a Saturday". So I'd say it's mostly Eliot's fault.
  13. subject117

    Episode 197 — No Bueno From Tip To Taint

    Ha! I haven't listened to this yet, but sounds like Classic Engineer Cody Cody behavior. Which is a good thing. Case in point: listening to the new UTU2TM?!, what started with Cody getting up and leaving ended with some fascinating revelations about Judge Judy's wooden legs and a certain graphic request she makes at the start of every trial, as portrayed by Adam Scott. Don't stop Cody'ing Engineer Cody Cody!
  14. subject117

    Episode 88.5 — Minisode 88.5

    This was made in the Year of Our Lord Two-Thousand and Nine?! I will definitely be watching it. Apparently it's FREE at something called popcornflix. Seems to be an app also. Here's the link: Gooby.
  15. subject117

    Episode 181 — His Beautiful Fabrics

    Best Armen outing yet! And not sarcastically or anything. I really liked his Howard-ish energy this go-around. I think I may have seen all of Almost Famous at some point, but all I can think of now regarding it is "Lock the Gates!", so I'll assume it's an anti-Maron thing /sarcasm/. ...Also... "Butt Guys"... fantastic!
  16. subject117

    Episode 178 — Wool Gatherer

    Yeah, definitely not volume related. That was the classic Mac OS alert sound "Funk". You should be able to stop any alert noise, if you want, by turning the alert volume all the way down. But then you might sacrifice future comedy gold...
  17. subject117

    Episode 178 — Wool Gatherer

    Also, if you hold Shift when you press the volume keys it won't make the feedback sound.
  18. subject117

    Episode 178 — Wool Gatherer

    Ah, I see. I guess I didn't consider different studios. It wasn't terrible or anything, just sounding so different from last week made me take notice. Side note, I've really enjoyed the Stard / Howard rapport we've been able to hear in recent weeks, especially the Stard Alley ep.
  19. subject117

    Episode 178 — Wool Gatherer

    Great episode. Enjoying the return of Ku, and Wittels is always fun. I should probably watch 'Shack at some point to see what the big deal is, but I like most of Harris' picks. Technical Notes: Yeah, what was that? Stard not realize that was all coming through? Also, this week was WAY echo-ier than last week, and sounded like there was no compression going on. Not quite up to Nerdist levels (ie. sounds like it's recorded in a board room across a giant table), but not going the right direction at Earwolf Location 3.
  20. subject117

    Episode 176 — Hot Gomer Pyle

    Yep, I said the same thing in last week's thread. This is the third straight week where he's said it! I hope Ku sets the record straight when she gets back. I didn't even notice the first time Howard said it. But the next time I thought, "wait, that sounds like Kulap, right?" So I went back and found the point where it was created in the Mary Elizabeth Ellis Day episode. Now with him making special mention of it EVERY time and getting it wrong, it's annoying. Has Howard already forgotten the sound of Laps Vilay's voice? I agree with this a little. Sometimes Kulap's "energy" gets to me and I'll switch to another podcast before getting back to Who'ch'. I know Earwolf's a busy and place and there's a schedule to keep and all, but slowing it down a notch would go a long way to making the show more enjoyable. Which is why I liked this episode so much. Natasha's more laid-back style is a nice complement to Wie Wie.
  21. subject117

    Episode 166 — Runnin’ Down Dreams

    I love Howard's assist of Sara Bareilles's name that got them to Bare E. Ellis. And did they know it's in those Microsoft commercials? Because every time I saw them, I thought to myself, "What is this Katy Perry song?" Took me until the Grammy's to realize it was Ms. Ellis in those ads.
  22. subject117

    Episode 160 — Merry Chartmas

    As soon as they mentioned "Baby, It's Cold Outside" I said to myself, "Oh, you mean that it's about rape?" because I've always thought the same. Then I remembered how much, rape tones aside, I like the Tom Jones version of the song. Also, was I the only lucky one to download a version of this episode where "Rudolph Chewed Off" at the end was going half speed? Apparently it's been fixed now, but DBS half speed is FRIGHTENING. It sounded like Satan's band singing at a county fair of the damned. Not what I needed at 3 am with no idea what it was supposed to be. Anyway, loved Casey and her stories, as usual.
  23. subject117

    Episode 159.5 — 12/20/13 TWO CHARTED 98

    Backslash is not slash! Jesus Fucking Christ! If this is being written into ad copy then UNWRITE it. I know Howard is like 80 or something, but Kulap should know better than to say "backslash" right? I mean really, it's 2013, almost 2014, and Kulap is telling me to go to "earwolf.com BACKSLASH andy daly"? Really?!
  24. subject117

    Episode 154 — Glory Hole Jack-O-Lantern

    I read the part of Packing for Mars that's available on Amazon for free. The book isn't fiction. I think Emily was just remembering it in a fictionalized way. The passage in question is about how sex would have to be performed in space, not how it actually has been accomplised. The comparison was made to what earless seals have to do to procreate whilst suspended in water. For the curious, the male uses his mouth to grip the head / back of the female to prevent separation.
  25. subject117

    Episode 253 — Fieri Fight

    I gave the first hour of this episode "mustard" and the last half hour "pants".