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    Episode 399 - Trump vs. Bernie

    I can't believe how many people are so sensitive on this forum. Gilbert is not for the faint of heart! He is a no holds barred comedian. I know he doesn't always say what he is suppose to but ....God, how boring would life be if everyone did that? I am a huge Gilbert fan and the biggest fan of this podcast and I was just so pumped that these two alternative comedy entities finally met .. Just really disappointed how people with no sense of humour have such a strong voice on a comedy bang bang forum .. All four people on this podcast were brilliantly funny! And uhh.. I need to get a life and stop typing this long ass comment... One of my favourite episodes ever!!
  2. idrinkclubsoda

    A nice rack

    "I love me a woman with a nice rack! Oohhhhh damn baby!! where else can I store my spices since my room mate kicked me out for smoking?? You tell me!! Huh?? Yeah that's right baby.
  3. A lonely farmer once said; "You can lead a horse to water but you can't transform him into Scarlett johansson using telekinesis ....Nope.......... Son.. Don't even try. " (sad harmonica music lays in the background)
  4. idrinkclubsoda


    "One day you"ll realize that the problems of a hill of beans don't mount a horse in this world of crazy three people who amount to beans in this world..... ILSA, someday you'll understand that." ... Sadly decades later she never did.
  5. "Major scott to ground control: tell My WIFE!! I love her very much..." An excerpt from David Bowie 's new rock podcast opera
  6. idrinkclubsoda

    Get on up

    Get on up! Step on up! ...... Sip on up from your sippy cup! It's time to hanker down chief!!
  7. Giddy-up ! This fills the dirt hole within my heart with joy. ... And other things
  8. idrinkclubsoda

    Episode 5 — Paul F. Tompkins, Our Close Friend

    only a true friend of Mr Reed would be comfortable enough to spell his name wrong on the show description. As you guys know he was born "lewis" Reed not "Louis", so I think that was a great little touch to show the world. you said; "hey world, we know Mr Reed so well that we incorrectly spell his name Louis" and you know for that i tip my hat to you. I tip it so much that it falls off and that's ok. (WE know that YOU know, and YOU know that WE know that YOU know, and your MAMMA knows that YOU know that WE know that YOU know ... ect) thanks, it was funny what you did there and salutations
  9. jake .. this was great and you are a great man! .
  10. You can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar, then serve your honeyed fly dish on a decorative platter over the holiday season.
  11. Remember! You can never change a Zebras stripes! Unless you boil them off... Yeah that'll do it alright.. Boil them off but bloody unpleasant.
  12. He ain't Regis Watts and I ain't no Scotty Lee Gifford!! Or am I?? YES!!! I am little Scotty Lee Gifford!! Yyyyyeessss!!!!
  13. Every silver lining purchased at silverlining.com now comes with complimentary cloud stuffing!!!
  14. remember; every wooden cloud has a sliver lining
  15. idrinkclubsoda

    Episode 102 — Behind the Music

    favourite episode. Hands down! I have listened to this so many times, that it officially makes me a dork. Anyone who doesn't like this episode doesn't get the greatness of comedy bang bang/death ray, Aukerman, heidecker and hamburger. Thanks to Pete Dennis for helping get Tim to the level of success that allowed us to discover him!
  16. When life hands you lemons, make a lemon reduction sauce! it goes exquisitely with poultry or fish!
  17. you can lead a horse to water, but you can't teach him to do those tricks your ex-girlfriend use to do with her mouth!
  18. comedy bang bang; where giant fans are born much like new stars are now forming in the eagle nebula star nursery (catalogued as Messier 16 or M16)