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    Any other good RPG podcasts?

    If you don't have any recovering alcoholic issues to deal with "CritJuice" is awesome: http://www.critjuice.com/ If you're looking for a DnD Podcast completely planned out, with Season arcs and which takes you from a DnD Beginner to Advanced over 250+ episodes, then "Critical Hit" is exactly what you need to be listening to: http://majorspoilers.com/critical-hit/ But I'm saving the best for last. The one which has left me rolling on the floor laughing to the point where it hurt my stomach. Where I had to pause the podcast, sometimes multiple times within just a few minutes is "D&D With STS": https://www.youtube.com/user/ShootingTheShit/featured It's a shame they don't produce them more frequently, but they're so well produced and hilarious that I'll take what I can get!
  2. wysigr8t

    Skype D&D Nerd Poker Group

    Jeez! It's so cool so many people are showing interest. I can't wait to get this going! I'll be sending private messages to those who replied here asking basic questions like: which days and hours are available for you (as I know many peoples schedules are hard, especially when considering a "worldwide" group), which skype option to you prefer (voice/webcam/either) and something basic like: where are you from, are you over 18 and are you male or female. Personally, I am perfectly fine with an all guys group, but I do aknowledge that one or two girls tends to make the overall experience more enjoyable. Especially when they decide to play male personas Finally, I'll be looking for a group made up of one DM and about 5 or 6 regular players (myself included), simply because I know that although most people mean well, more often than not one or two will eventually lose interest... if they don't, then the group will be stonger for it! We'll be giving everyone who has already stated their interest, priority, but if there is anyone else reading this and is interested, post here or send me a pm and let us know!!! Nerd Poker is Awesome!
  3. wysigr8t

    Character Drawings

    D.C. This is such a cool drawing!!! I can just imagine Brian's (Amarth Amon wouldn't care) seething hatred towards this guy, especially with the twinkle in his smile. Nerd Poker with Brian and the gang is the best.
  4. wysigr8t

    Skype D&D Nerd Poker Group

    Awesome, I'm glad you're both interested in the idea! I'm thinking the ideal group size would be 5 or 6 players, although I'm open to more or less players if the group feels it would make for a better experience, so if we get 2 or 3 more ppl interested we're set to start our "Alpha Campaign", maybe in a "Learn As You Go" fashion so we don't lose any of the momentum and all have fun together figuring how to pull this off. Wiredwolf and Bombadil does one of you have DM experience? As I stated above, I would have no clue as to how to organize everything so I'm hopeing at least one great DM will offer to take the reigns. Finally, Roll20 and MapTools seem like great tools, does anyone know of any others that might be useful?
  5. wysigr8t

    "Crazy shit that happened in old adventures" segment name

    How about "Take 20 Botch Class"
  6. wysigr8t

    Character Drawings

    This is some pretty cool art here! Anyone got a drawing of Brians 12-pack virtual nemesis?
  7. wysigr8t

    Skype D&D Nerd Poker Group

    Hi. Over the last few episodes of NP I've found myself wondering how awesome it would be to startup a Skype D&D Group with some other NP fans from around the world where we could talk about the guys adventures and have one of our own over Skype. I don't have any Dungeon Master experience and compared to some of the more hardcore among you I have tons to learn, so I'm creating this topic to see if there are others interested in this idea. Are there any creative and fun DMs out there with experience, willing to organize it? Some basic criteria I believe would be important to meet: -Good sense of humor with open and respectful views towars others (with a Kobold exception). -Fluent or near fluent English (so comunication is as fluid as possible). -18 or Over (so we don't need to worry about the language used). Let me know what you think. Cheers.