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    Marketing gaming - not the cool kind.
  1. Silly Lacy

    Episode 5 — Shipwrecked

    ^Something like that....
  2. Silly Lacy

    Episode 67 — Rat Trap

    Yeah, I can't tell you how happy I was to hear all of Blaine's Secret of NIMH references pay off. Edit: That was supposed to quote Ska Tacoman's updated movie poster.
  3. Silly Lacy

    Character Drawings

    That is both beautiful and absolutely horrifying.
  4. Silly Lacy

    Episode 58 — Change of Scenery

    It pretty much looks like this, but it's just me so I don't catch any elbows in the eye.
  5. Silly Lacy

    Character Drawings

    The important question is - will you sell me a deck?
  6. Silly Lacy

    Other RPG's

    We played this and made our 10 year old play as K-9. He turned out to be super useful despite having to be carried up and down stairs.
  7. Silly Lacy

    Episode 58 — Change of Scenery

    Blaine breaking out into the song "Madness" followed by Brian doing a little "Our House" by Madness made my day. I'm gonna go skank around in my garage now.
  8. We should all kiss you on the mouth for this. Because fuck nougat!
  9. Silly Lacy

    Is anyone else liking Damien more than Amarth?

    He may also have been pumped full of evil sauce when he was hooked up to the giant laundromat. When they found the first few hooked up guys, there was both something flowing into and out of their bodies through the milk tubes. There was also a point at which we were led to believe that the hooked up guy that wasn't unconscious was trying to say "Save my wife" but changed it to "Save my world" and also a hesitation before blood writing "Kill the women." This could have been interpreted as him being controlled by the necromancer. Since they detected evil on Parn until after the necromancer's first message to them, I wonder if Damien didn't have a little help. I am also nervous that he may be in danger of future possession. He may well be evil, I'm just throwing out another possibility if we find out that his alliance is good or neutral.
  10. Silly Lacy

    Episode 52 — I Would Walk 500 Miles

    Me too. I kept referring to him as "kiddie Parn" in my head after that.
  11. Silly Lacy

    Character Drawings

    I want your Blackie to take me clubbing so bad! I'll dress like Mildred if that helps convince him. This is getting too real.
  12. Silly Lacy

    Episode 51 — Star Chart

    I've been waiting and hoping for a mirror match too! That said, I'm also curious to find out if all Glenishmorons are as sure of themselves as Sir Richard.
  13. Silly Lacy

    Episode 50 — Through The Airlock

    Such a fun episode! I'm glad Ken and Blaine are back. I missed them.
  14. Silly Lacy

    Questions for Sark

    Die Hard is on TV right now, and I notice that Bruce Willis doesn't do a very good Sark impression.
  15. Silly Lacy

    Episode 48 — Priest of Judas

    I'm torn between being somewhat delighted at how reckless Dave is playing Bart and being worried that he's going to get them killed. It was a fun listen either way.