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    Character Drawings

    Thanks - and hands are the bane of any artists life Thank you. Lyra has been inked. the other two are still in 'pencil' (they are all done digitally). I like to post pieces I'm working on in stages of production instead of just finished art. I'll finish the inks on the other two sometime this weekend then try and figure out if I have the time to do a full color pass. The idea for the Shovel-Axe is what forced me to carve out some free-time to draw the picture. It's inspired by my own 4e character that I'm playing ~ Doombringer the Brutal Bard-Barrian
  2. Cheyenne

    Character Drawings

    found some free time today to start a sketch of the NextGen Nerd Poker crew... (minus jerry) http://arcanetimes.com/arcaneconcepts/2014/5/21/nerd-poker-the-next-generation
  3. Cheyenne

    DnD tools

    Roll20 is nice -- and allows people to play over the net when they can't make it to the table in real life.
  4. Cheyenne

    Episode 10 — On The Catwalk

    Hi all My name is Cheyenne. I'm a longtime DnD player, RPG Gaming artist-designer, longtime Earwolf Listener and first time poster. I love the podcast -- and I've been trying real hard to not be "this guy" but after everybody kind of got screwed in this episode I felt compelled to sign up so I could post... <nerdvoice/> Instead of moving twice and getting no attacks -- combatants can (in 4th ed) move, and then make a Charge Attack which would let them move again AND make an basic attack and the end of this second move (with a +1 to hit) Also, anyone within 5 feet of an enemy, can not make a full move away from that enemy without without giving the enemy a free Opportunity Attack. So... the folks that got up to the fleeing cat-walker should have got attacks when he ran away -- and anyone that ran past the second gent on the catwalk, would have been vulnerable to an attack as they moved past. </nerdvoice> That said; the Dnd combat rules (of any generation) are gruesomely boring and often promote ROLL playing over ROLE playing Chey ARCANETIMES.COM -- The Art of Cheyenne Wright