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  1. Sangreeno

    Episode 171 — What Happens in New Zealand

    Alice W. was a fine guest. She and Howard seemed very simpatico and she vibel well with Lop. Great episode.
  2. Sangreeno

    Episode 16 — Chicago

    Great episode. Having Mike Eagle in that piece was like having a "grown up" around. I liked the dynamic and loved the topic. I have been in Chicago for over 8 years now and the South and West side are still largely a mystery to me. This episode helped to fill some of my gaps in. Keep em coming.
  3. Sangreeno

    Episode 13 — The Motherland

    I enjoyed this ep as usual but was a bit disapointed that there was no actual spotlight on African rappers. Actually an international rap ep would be great.
  4. Sangreeno

    Episode 113 — Pullin Wool

    I will have to relisten to the Gore episode to see if I concur with the general forum wisdom. Rob Huebel was great tho. I liked his moxie!
  5. I saw this movie with my 8 year old son at the cinema. He called it a "mixed up" movie that he never wanted to see again. I have to agree even though I like failed movies with this much heart. This movie seemed focus grouped to death but there is some heart in it.
  6. Sangreeno

    Episode 112.5 — 1/25/13 TWO CHARTED 51

    Long time listener to this fine podcast but finally had to create an account here just to post that the track "New Born Baby Colt" played at the end of this podcast was hot fire. Good on you Dragonboy Suede!