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  1. Opexy

    Episode 65 — The Cavern Explosion

    Oh please make this happen!!!!
  2. Opexy

    Character Drawings

    Wow, the art just keeps getting better. Every time I take a break from looking at the forums and then come back again there is always incredible art here. You guys are truely talented! Im jealous. Keep it up because the visualizations are great.
  3. Opexy

    Episode 51 — Star Chart

    This show just never stops getting better. To think of where they started up to where they are now, its been quite a journey. I love the amount of RP thats taking place since Brian's new character showed up too. I think Brian's new character is going to really hate it in the cold region. Isn't he still in a loin cloth? I hope we visit Melavainia soon!
  4. Opexy

    Character Drawings

    OMG there are so many amazing pieces of art here that it will look rediculous reposting them all. Great Job all of you. Wish I could draw like that. Maybe ill take a stab at it lol.
  5. Opexy

    Character Drawings

    Truly amazing work!!
  6. Opexy

    Episode 20 — Burst Through and Kill

    This was a great episode, I only wish that I had Gerry sign my Deadpool #1 with a " FOR GLINISHMORE!!!" at comicon in KC last Saturday! What was I thinking! Can't wait for next weeks. If Brian had been there im sure I would have immediately thought of his Battle cry of "FUCK YOU!!" to put on it. :-)
  7. Opexy

    The Reincarnation of Gerry

    This should definitely happen. I'm new to D&D in general and wouldnt mind listening to them actually roll up the new character. It would probably be boring to most of the veterans, but id be interested.
  8. Opexy

    Get Vin Diesel to Nerd Poker

    Liked, now to twitter to Twitter bomb him to get on NERD POKER!
  9. Opexy

    Questions for Sark

    Whew, that's much better, I can now finally move on. Thanks for the explanation! I know I can sleep better now.
  10. Opexy

    Questions for Sark

    Hello Mr. Sark, I was listening to the show (which is amazing), trying to catch up. I listened to alot of them in a row and there was one thing i couldnt understand. If mildrid the dwarf lady was a stow away, and saw the pirates invading their ship, then why did she not have her gear still? And how did she get to the new ship that wasnt the initial cruise that they were on? Maybe i miss understood but either way the show is hilarious and keep it up.
  11. Opexy

    Questions for Sark

    This is going to be my new signature for everything!!!! Epic answer!
  12. Opexy

    Episode 11 — The Battle Continues

    This show is awesome. I cant believe I have to wait an entire week for the next one. Keep it up.