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  1. please do this movie. its basically the textbook hdtgm movie.
  2. ZackGuerrero

    Episode 40 — All About Lee

    howard doesnt give himself enough credit to this day. idk if its humbleness or insecurity, but he has way more talent and brains hen he leads on. much peace and love.
  3. ZackGuerrero

    Episode 40 — All About Lee

    howard. freaking. kremer. this episode is pure genius. i had to go back and find out who "lee" is, but i found out more about who howard is. the interaction is freakin ridiculous, this is the first time EVER i wasnt sure it was a character or real freakin person. this episode is just so hilarious and so smart. im so glad i went back and gave it a listen.
  4. ZackGuerrero

    Episode 204 — The Pepper Men

    As a socal native, i cannot believe you guys dropped the "kieds kieds kieds, kieds on van nuys" reference. thatwas so surreal, having heard that radio commercial for YEARS. also loved jon dalys flow, wher.i believe he said "foothill boulavard to the 210 freeway over to the 10". hate to be that guy, but i am. But foorhill, the 210 and the 10 run parallel so it would be pretty weird to jump from one to the other. but love all the socal love. westside!
  5. ZackGuerrero

    Episode 136 — A Nye For A Nye

    "Im standing inside blake griffins ear drum, contemplating WHAT THE HELL WE ARE TALKING ABOUT!?" stephen a. Smith
  6. Wow todd was absolutely horrible. had to turn it off. psh and thune were great. but please scott, dont ever bring back todd or whoever played him. the premise could have been great, but it was horribly executed... to the point of not being listenable. love that hes from temecula tho, that explains alot.
  7. ZackGuerrero

    Episode 114 — Surfing Rainbows

    steve o has a great podcast voice. Signed, rosanne barr, fran drescher, and gibert godfried.
  8. ZackGuerrero

    Episode 133 — Pouring Soy Sauce On The Parade

    sklars..... from sklo cal, what up!? thanks for mentioning the kobe controversy from last week, and for basically acknowledging the defense of kobe's game and character. also, since ive been a fan of yours, you guys havent done any shows around here, so i cant wait (bart scott cant wait) til march 1st in pasedena. im already there my doo! already there. war the sklars chillin with us after the show.
  9. ZackGuerrero

    Episode 132.5 — Sklarbro County 37

    nicely said, man. like as much as i hate k.g., rondo, pierce, i respect their game. i may not like how they act on the court , but thats cuz theyre not my guys, if they were, id love k.g.s fire and tenacity. i dont think the sklars completely agreed with this guys ignorance, as they said on air theyd prolly get responses to this dude on the boards. great show as always, tho. HENDERSON!!!!
  10. ZackGuerrero

    Episode 132.5 — Sklarbro County 37

    sklars! first off im a huge fan, converted clone to sklone. love it when you guys host the jim rome show. love the podcast, i think ive listened to about 80% of the episodes. that being said, this guy couldnt be more off about kobe. i see this type of hateration all the time in so cal. guys need to go against the grain, trash the only consistently good thing in this area, and become clipper fans even when the owner sold away every piece of talent for 30 years. thats how illogical these people are. first off, this dude is really crying about who a SEVENTEEN year old took to prom?!?! who the hell cares. kobes alleged girlfriend from back then who he didnt take, thinks kohen needs to let it go. second, when your a fake person in a fake town, you tend to think everything and everyone is being fake. so dude needs to look at himself. he even went so far to say "kobes game is inauthentic". WHAT?!?! you cant fake greatness. not in the NBA the numbers, the rings, and the testimonials from teammates and former greats dont lie. kobe is truly great, and has become a great leader and man. i would have loved to be in the room so i could prod this man more so we can see this thinness of his arguments. thanks for your time.