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    EPISODE 259 β€” Huskey Do's Huskey Don'ts

    Even though their fans are telling them it's definitively not. I'm sure I'll eventually start to listen again, but right now I just keep checking the show description to see if they have the guest on from the get go.
  2. TheChoctaw

    EPISODE 255 β€” An All New Era

    Whoa you have to be kidding me with this new format... whaa? The Tweet Chart has long been my least favorite part of the show, and I've been praying for it to be removed for ages. Why wouldn't the last chart be a chart where the guest brings in the top 5 movies, songs, or whatever that THEY're into?? But seriously, not bringing the guest in until the end? It's actually a hard decision to believe. And as much as I enjoy all of Howard's music, including the new show theme, I also think getting rid of the iconic show starter was a monstrous mistake. That song still got me pumped for the Who Charted that was about to happen, in addition to all the memories of old shows it always brought back. I am struggling to imagine this show remaining in my top listened to podcasts (which it has since 2012) with this new format. I am a sad chartist. :'( There simply has to be a more creative way to spice up the show. Bring in charts made by Stard, or anyone, just as long as it's not some conglomerate chart as per usual. Just imagine Moshe Kasher coming in with his top five favorite songs, or Andy Daly coming in with his top five movies. Who wouldn't want to hear that? And for the not-with-it guests, just revert to something like the Tweet Chart. Please Howard and Kulap. I'm begging you personally, don't settle for this format.
  3. TheChoctaw

    EPISODE 253 β€” Muckraking

    Love it!
  4. TheChoctaw

    EPISODE 367 β€” Bits, Riffs, and Friendships

    I know I'm way late to the party on this but I'm only 15 minutes in and this is already one of the best things I've ever heard. I don't want this episode to stop.
  5. TheChoctaw

    EPISODE 352 β€” Scrunchy Face

    I just think sometimes the more someone goes into why they didn't like something the more likely they are to offend. But I will say that for me, I found it hard to laugh at the Bernie Sanders character simply because I don't feel his ideas are worthy of being made fun of. He seems like the kind of guy Jon Stewart would champion when I looked him up, so I just didn't really get it. Is there something I don't know about this guy?
  6. TheChoctaw

    EPISODE 352 β€” Scrunchy Face

    What? A guy said he didn't like a character, a second guy says something antagonistic, the guy diffuses it with humor, and then you jump in as though it wasn't understood what the second guy's point was. You even go as far as to say that the first guy could have criticized the character if he was just nicer about it. Yeah, it doesn't get much nicer than saying "That character wasn't really working for me." It's like, save your effort for when someone is straight up calling a host unfunny garbage, like in the Who Charted threads.
  7. TheChoctaw

    EPISODE 231 β€” Slow Dance Party

    So you feel free to be a terrible person to him because of that enormous assumption, which even if it were true, would not define somebody. Right. You have it all figured out. There's no way you thrive on drama and getting people angry at you. No way at all.
  8. TheChoctaw

    EPISODE 231 β€” Slow Dance Party

    Armen and June were a delight. Wonderful episode and I can't wait to listen to the Two Charted! On a less cheerful note, I wonder how miserable you have to be to listen to something over an hour long that you hate only to then spend time saying really hurtful and awful things publicly about the people who made it, essentially in hopes that those real people will read it. I've defended the right to criticize on these forums before, but as someone said earlier there is a clear difference between that and just being a douche. It's unacceptable that you're supposed inability to cope with an episode of a podcast that wasn't what you were hoping for be an excuse either. And I think one pretty obvious account on here should probably be banned.
  9. TheChoctaw

    EPISODE 227 β€” Movie Theater Plug Life

    So you think someone's financial status determines whether or not they are not only worthy of empathy, but worthy of actually having problems? No, YOU fuck off. Horrible attitude.
  10. Wow. When Scott said last week they had a special surprise this week I never thought it would be that the show is going on hiatus. I would really rather this show not stop. Staind Glass proved that they could talk about an album they weren't even familiar with and and still create an amazing show. But they don't even have to have a topic as far as I'm concerned. I absolutely love Comedy Bang Bang but honestly I enjoy this show even more. Please come back with more episodes as soon as you guys can! Love you Scotts!
  11. TheChoctaw

    Episode 284 β€” A Thrilling CBB Adventure Hour

    Where does all this wild anger come from over such a benign comment?
  12. TheChoctaw

    Episode 268 β€” What Does the Fonz Say?

    Yeah every time I try to sing "What Does The Fox Say" I too go into "Everybody Dance Now". It's basically the same tagline.
  13. I love the awful logic on here that I'm seeing which suggest that simply identifying that something is immoral is enough to justify doing something else immoral. I am of course referring to citing eating and caging animals as a defense for sex with them, two completely different topics from bestiality. I also wish that a distinction had been made between helping out an animal in need, something professionals get paid to do when breeding animals (much like the dish cloth/dog incident), and forcing yourself on them, which in many cases would not be enjoyable for the animal simply base on anatomy (human dicks are a little too big for most animals). I laughed at the jokes, but I think what turns me off so badly about John is his attitude. Sure he has some funny points to make, but if he thinks he's seriously making a case, then he has drowned his ability to make reason, in the satisfaction he gets from telling his jokes. Him accusing anyone of arguing with him as being a loser was also mean spirited in the kind of way that really made me feel like he was getting uncomfortably defensive. I would enjoy it if he did not make a return to this show, as I will be avoiding future episodes with him on them.
  14. TheChoctaw

    Episode 65 β€” Howard the Duck: LIVE!

    After taking a break it's awesome to come back to this show and have multiple episodes in a row to listen to! Now that you guys are doing current movies like After Earth, I have to BEG that you do Now You See Me. For the first time ever I found myself just as perplexed and amazed as you guys are on the show while watching that movie. It's really incredible...
  15. TheChoctaw

    Episode 87 β€” Fake Laughing

    Just started listening but I just had to drop in and say holy crap YES food enjoyment sounds are the absolute WORST!
  16. TheChoctaw

    Episode 222 β€” A Peanut In The Rain

    Is there going to be a video form of this or should I stop holding out?
  17. TheChoctaw

    Episode 216 β€” Top of the Schaal To You!

    Dr. Levine was one of those characters who like an actual person. Really enjoyed this episode!
  18. This episode was amazing. I did, however, feel that the cynicism conversation got a little bit pessimistic, oddly enough. Or am I just that cynical?
  19. TheChoctaw

    Episode 210 β€” A Spiritual Journey

    Now that I hear this I remember hearing Adam Brody on Loveline and thinking he was really funny and with it. Great first podcast choice for him!
  20. TheChoctaw

    Episode 205 β€” Titans of Comedy

    This episode was fantastic! I especially enjoyed Eugene Mirman. He was very funny and it really came across like he was having a great time.
  21. This episode was amazing. I wanted to note if no one has already how well this episode illustrates the superiority of the theater of the mind. Not only would Adomian's bit not have worked on a video episode but he and Lauren are so far away physically from who they're pretending to be that it wouldn't have played as well if you saw them, even with wigs and full costumes. ' While I love being able to peek into the studio, audio is the way to experience this show.
  22. TheChoctaw

    Episode 201 β€” End Scene

    From Bombcast? :|
  23. Thanks for the show guys, but I thought I'd add my two cents and say I'm not digging the live episodes.