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    Corrections & Omissions: Mortal Kombat

    I think you guys are giving the video game way too much credit. I've seen plenty of video games get maligned by Hollywood (including the aforementioned Final Fantasy), but Mortal Kombat stays relatively close to the source material - it's all one big cheesy fight scene after another. Still, I liked this movie a lot better than Street Fighter. Here's one fun fact though: this isn't the director's only video game franchise. After the success of Mortal Kombat, director Paul W.S. Anderson went on to do the "Resident Evil" film franchise, which unlike "Mortal Kombat", does have gamers in an uproar for straying from the source material.
  2. BlueYonder

    Correction: Joni Blaze

    The reporter says her name is Joni Blaze with an "i". Johnny Blaze is the alter ego of "Ghost Rider" . . . so maybe the "i" stops it from being copyright infringement? It seems a little bit of a stretch . . . until you realize this i from the writer of "Atlantic Rim" and "Apocalypse Earth". More proof that it all comes back to Nicolas Cage in the end.
  3. BlueYonder

    Episode 65 — Howard the Duck: LIVE!

    In June's defense, "Super Mario Bros." had dinosaurs evolving into humans . . . somehow.
  4. Jason said there hasn't been any "devil" movies in a while, but I'd point him to "Constantine", which features everyone's favorite crazy-Russian-from-Armageddon, Peter Stormare, playing Lucifer himself. And who is Stormare opposite of? KEANU REEVES. So if you want a "devil" movie, get Keanu and the rest will take care of itself. I also liked that Julie mentioned they played "Paint in Black" instead of "Sympathy for the Devil" in the end. Interestingly enough, almost exactly three months later, "Fallen" with Denzil Washington closes on "Sympathy of the Devil" at the credits. There's a message somewhere in there. Keep up the good work!
  5. BlueYonder

    Dreamcatcher (2003)

    Oh, man, this movie has no excuse to be as terrible as it is. Not only is it based on a Stephen King novel, not only does it star Damian Lewis, Morgan Freeman and Timothy Olyphant . . . but it's directed and written by Laurence freakin' "Empire Strikes Back" Kasadan and co-written by William "The Princess Bride" Goldman! WTF?!?! While we're on the subject of Stephen King movies though, I will toss in "Silver Bullet" for consideration. I believe it's one of the only screenplays King wrote. And it has Gary Busey in it. And a werewolf. And no, they are not one and the same.