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  1. aelfinn

    Nerd Poker: LIVE now in Howl!

    YAY! Listening now So happy to hear the guys back on the mic.
  2. aelfinn

    EPISODE 128 — Spiderhana

    Unfortunately it's the internet, where you can hide behind a faceless avatar and spew whatever venom you wish. Best idea is to never take anything directed to you on a forum personally... because most likely its not personal, there's no face-to-face connection. The person hurling the insult would most likely never think of saying such things to your face if this interaction was happening in person, so with that in mind it doesn't have to have any impact on you in your life outside of here. Keep on with your DM advice, its fun to read (even tho when its too long winded i tend to skip most of it). Do what you do.
  3. aelfinn

    EPISODE 128 — Spiderhana

    gentlemen, calm it down. The interwebs are no place for... oh wait, nevermind.
  4. aelfinn

    Roll To Attack "Corey" T-shirt

    these are not the forums you are looking for...
  5. aelfinn

    EPISODE 118 — Dirking the Squirrel

    yeah, that transition took me off guard... first listen thru i was only half paying attention so I just assumed i had zoned out and missed something.
  6. aelfinn

    leonard nimoy died

    He will be missed. I will continue to enjoy his lifetime of work that he so graciously shared with us.
  7. aelfinn

    Any other good RPG podcasts?

    I'm gonna double down on the love for Adventure Zone, on episode 3 now and loving it! the dynamic between the hosts is great, nerdy and hilarious. It's no Nerd Poker, but it fits in the same class for me
  8. aelfinn

    Thank you Dan & Steve!

    love @Midnight. Introduced my GF to it last summer and whenever we're sitting around and looking for something to watch she always asks "Is there a new episode of @Midnight to watch?!?"
  9. aelfinn

    Character Drawings

    keep 'em coming beaver! thats pretty awesome.
  10. aelfinn

    Hit Points and Leveling Up

    remember when lost, just find a dick to trace.
  11. aelfinn

    Episode 110 — Clown Dog

    maybe it's your podcatchers way of telling you to quit smoking already… just saying.
  12. aelfinn

    5th Edition DnD

    not so far as I've seen, no.
  13. aelfinn

    Does Nerd Poker change from early to later podcasts?

    I love seeing all the positive reactions to how the guys play their game! Keep listening for more fun D&D w/BP&F!
  14. aelfinn

    Character Drawings

    this is hilarious and awesome!
  15. aelfinn

    Anti-Smoking ad

    well I was going to save this episode to listen to tomorrow to close out my workweek… but this comment has me infinitely curious about what this ad could be. also, the response post had me laughing quite a bit
  16. aelfinn

    Episode 104 — Trace Ya Later

    this is exciting! I hope rick decides to make some guest appearances at some point tho. Love his ridiculousness!
  17. aelfinn

    Episode 103 — Whamdango!

    So completely due to Dan's repeated appearances on NP his comedy albums have entered my driving-to-work rotation. Thanks Dan for helping to make my 1hr commute more funny than annoying
  18. aelfinn

    is it "Whamdango!" or "wamdango!"?

  19. aelfinn

    Episode 102 — Wave that Pajuvi

    that would be a lot of fun, but Blaine has said previously that he doesn't want to incorporate Sark's campaign because that's his thing and wants to respect it.
  20. aelfinn

    Episode 102 — Wave that Pajuvi

    I Dan and Rick… Rick's out Gerry-ing Gerry.
  21. aelfinn

    Chris Hardwick up as next guest!

    seriously? with all of what he's working on the dudes like a mini-seacrest… I'd be amazed if he has enough time to sit in on a D&D session. Would love to see it happen, but between the podcasts/podcast network, talking dead/@midnight/convention panel work, etc…
  22. aelfinn

    Lack of direction

    so you mean its half awesome, with another half of awesome added in? If you don't like it, don't listen… its that easy. Free show is free, quit complaining about a free show.
  23. aelfinn

    Episode 91...Without the Ums and Ahs

    i prefer my nerd poker with all the character included. I'm guessing if this bugs you so much that Harmontown would drive you insane.
  24. aelfinn

    No more ads from Art of Charm please

    it's funny, not long after making that post I listened to the latest episode and finally noticed the ad… yeah not a good fit for the show.
  25. aelfinn

    No more ads from Art of Charm please

    maybe its because I just tend to mentally tune out the ads, but when was the art of charm one of the sponsors? I honestly can't recall it.