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    Episode 147 — Old Dread Ben

    I'm sort of a lurker on these forums, but i had to comment on this multiple times. Sorry guys. I hope matt reads this: I've been listening to your podcast since it started, I'm poor as fuck at hte moment, but when i get some coin, first thing i'm buying is the ucb book, second the improv for humans t shirt. i hope you know people appreciate you a lot! Greetings from Holland
  2. JustinKoningsberger

    Episode 147 — Old Dread Ben

    Verry true, i like every episode, but i love getting to know new musicians. matt's taste in music is great to me. I also like all the case closed episodes, can you guys get the angry trumpet player on again please?
  3. JustinKoningsberger

    Episode 147 — Old Dread Ben

    Yes paleeeeaseeee! do this for everyone. scott's improv is so chaotic sometimes. This would be a dream come true. Plus i want Andy Daly to appear in everything!!!!!!!
  4. JustinKoningsberger

    Episode 60 — Scott Aukerman, Co-Founder of Earwolf

    i'm still at minute fifteen, but i'm already exited. the way i'm hearing scott and jeff talk,. It sounds like Matt Gourley is getting more involved with creating earwolf podcasts. They were talking about a new podcast which i don't think has premiered yet. I love it!!
  5. I really liked Chris Farren, I never heard of him bebore. I'm trying to cut out his first song, the acoustic version of eagle eyes, really beautifull!! I thought david bazan was great too, Improv4Humans introduced me to him aswell.
  6. JustinKoningsberger

    Episode 274 — Oh, Golly!

    I think the weather wasn't talked about in the beginning because Scott didn't look out the window at the start of the show. But at the end it became clear that the weather was NOT good, i believe it was pitch black with a lot of lava in the air.