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    Thanks for merging them, I searched for Face/Off before I posted it and nothing came up. There's no finding sense in this film hahaha. It's just awful. This movie literally screams How Did This Get Made
  2. JereGryllz


    Yeah, it's more realistic nowadays, but not like this movie hahaha. The whole 25 minute ending fight/chase was the best. Like John Travolta's (with Nick's face) speedboat ramping up the inside of a Coast Guard ship and blowing it up. And the whole slow-mo scene where the other speedboat blows up when it hits the shore, and the two Facers launch like 45 feet in the air, over like a quarter mile and crash onto the beach. And, I forgot about the scene at the very beginning where Nicolas Cage is dressed as a priest and touches that girl's butt in the choir and like cums in his pants instantly.
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    How in the hell has this not been done yet?!?!?! Honestly, how did this movie get made? When was a face transplanting ever an option or even realistic? Nick Cage's acting is next level bonkers. Travolta's isn't too good either which isn't surprising. But, seriously, the plot, the acting... Everything about the movie is mad bonkers. Not to mention, its high time to get another Dickless Cage movie on HDTGM!
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    Eragon (2006)

    I'd love to see this movie annihilated by HDTGM. It was my favorite books series for years, and I was so excited when this movie was coming out. It crushed my hopes and dreams. It reminded me of the South Park episode where George Lucas and Spielberg rape Indiana Jones except for me it was the entire cast/crew raping Christopher Paolini and my favorite book series.
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    No, I haven't. I guess you're right but I thought it was pretty damn bad. Everything about this movie was cheesy to me
  6. JereGryllz


    From the woman who brought you Punisher: War Zone, comes another "top-shelf" movie. Lifted is the story of a boy who lives in a stereotypical white trash trailer park neighborhood. His mother is a heroin addict. (A true "heroine") His father is in active duty military overseas. So, basically the entire movie is about this boy who sings to escape life's troubles. And the scenes where he sings (A.K.A. the entire movie) have a real White Christmas way about them in the way that the sound from the movie changes to a completely remastered, studio quality song. Except, his voice has been autotuned to shit. Like, think of the Autotuned remix videos from YouTube, except it's a serious movie and they were actually attempting to pass his voice off as real to the poor, innocent, viewers of this garbage heap of a movie. The absolute best part of the movie is that when the boy mixes his own songs on his laptop, he sends them to his dad in the Middle East. His dad and his friends then proceed to freestyle rap over the songs. Imagine Stone Cold Steve Austin freestyle rapping over a 12 year old's "music." At this point in the film, I had emotionally and mentally given up and checked out in terms of caring about getting something out of this movie besides laughter. As the film goes on, the dad dies in combat, the mother gets off heroin and then gets back onto it, fulfilling her long, arduous character arc that would put character development in movies like the Departed to shame. The boy leaves home and goes to a contest where he and the ghost of his father perform Forever Young by Alphaville. The last shot of the film is the ghost of a dead soldier riding on the back of truck and saluting other dead ghost soldiers as the truck drove past them. Please someone tell me that you have seen this movie and enjoyed it as much as I did. <--- The finale. Lifted ft. Ghost Dad Killah - Forever Young Cover
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    I've never seen Sleepaway Camp, sadly. After hearing the episode though, it's definitely on my list. It sounds insane. And yeah, the Heist was certainly entertaining, but it was very cliche. I've seen it all before in other movies, and done better, hahaha. Oh, and I completely forgot about the "That's why they call it money" line! I laughed pretty hard at that too.
  8. I just watched a movie called the Heist. It was a box office bomb from 2001 and for the most part got swept under the rug and forgotten rather quickly. It starred Gene Hackman, Danny DeVito and Delroy Lindo, which is a pretty solid group of actors. I was disappointed in all of their performances. It was almost as if all of the actors in this film had just woken from comas and were having to learn how to speak in comprehensible sentences all over again. The acting was not good. At all. But, the absolute best part of the movie was some of the one liners. One of the lines in the movie was "My motherfucker is cool. He's so cool that when he goes to sleep, sheep count him."(That line was spoken about Gene Hackman's character. Believe me, he is not cool.) I laughed aloud at that line. I think that it may be one of the best worst lines in movie history. Really, just the dialogue in general was bad. Rebecca Pidgeon plays Gene Hackman's wife (big age difference. Gross right?) and does her best job trying to convince the audience that she's a talented actress. She came across more like a robot trying to mimic human emotions. I could go on and on, but I think Paul, June and Jason would have a lot of fun tearing the Heist a new one. And I would have a great time listening to to the episode. That is the cover of the movie. Remember, it came out in 2001. Not 1993 as the cover would suggest.