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    Episode 139 — Cock Pulldowns

    OMG a Jahangir Khan reference. When I was growing up my dad was big into squash for whatever reason (we're white people from Minnesota) and used to watch tapes of Jahangir Khan and Jansher Khan all the time. I can't even lie, those two were amazing to watch.
  2. RootBeerThoughts

    Episode 119.5 — 3/15/13 TWO CHARTED 58

    Hearing all of these live dates, I'm jealous. When will Minnesota get a live Hooch? Kulap's HomeKu-ming 2013, make it happen.
  3. RootBeerThoughts

    Episode 115 — Bizarro

    I joined the forum specifically to comment how much I loved this show. Kulap's themes, Howard's biscotti references and mentioning "Oh Bondage Up Yours" AND Harris Wittels as a guest? Cmon, I couldn't ask for a better Hooch.