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  1. ABainesKicker

    no new episode?

    Im on the East Coast and always, its available to listen to by 9am at work and Weds. When its not there by that time, its not going to drop that day. So here is to tomorrow!
  2. ABainesKicker

    no new episode?

    Agreed, but typically its not this late. Well I guess I wont get my fix today. Ill get over it.
  3. ABainesKicker

    Episode 73 — Space Ship Attack

    Fun last episode. Really enjoyed it Sark and good luck with the child. Maybe it's middle name can be named after of of the gang? Look foreward to the new players and DM. I hope they role up new players and start from scratch. Or maybe they take one of the characters, a fan favorite.....and do a side mission to answer some of the lingering questions from this adventure? The others can role up new characters to go on that adventure. Along the way the remaining living characters could make Camos. Good luck on your new adventures either way. I will be listening either way!
  4. ABainesKicker

    Episode 35?

    Hehe.....would Sark do that? :-) Or maybe Brain....I mean Amarth push them to it? :-)
  5. ABainesKicker

    Episode 35?

    Did i Miss something???? Did the PBAF take a break this week????? I'm missing my Nerd Poker!!!!! Ok.....i feel better now.......ummmmmmmmm....
  6. ABainesKicker

    Questions for Sark

    Hey Sark! :-) Could you scan in some of your masterful drawings you have created to help illustrate the environment the characters are in, phallic references and all? I know it would help me envision their environment as well. Thanks!