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  1. to Jon Gabus: what is the meanest thing you ever said to your mom? steve bannon, chris christie and donald trump: fuck, marry, kill?
  2. riddle me this, Tompkins: who in the room is the best improviser in the room?
  3. on ambiguity it's hard for the listener to extrapolate the politics of actual sean and actual hayes from the project alone. it sometimes explicitly makes fun of the listener/artist-relation, presenting the hollywood-podcaster as a cynical, careerist ad-clown that despises both its listeners and its podcast: the project knowingly idicts its own credibility in the abstract. in addition critiques are almost always interpenetrations of the seemingly serious and the parodical: sean vs religion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ncOlNioblW8&feature=youtu.be&t=24 kardashian vs the plane: the one who performs the seemingly serious is often led into the parodical by his complement. sean's solo episode seems more consistent in its critique than an average episode, and it's brave art:
  4. postscript to dream of exploring hokusai's masterwork "the dream of the fishermans wife" without ever encountering its edges. to wish the glorious spectacle of the tentacled romancer was a constant in ones lived experience. to come to terms with the temporal finitude of the project.
  5. scoop troop get out your pens: sean and hayes have been pissing all over you for the last 2.5 yrs.
  6. blobofsoul

    Episode 157 - Adam Pally, Our Bumper Recorder

    hollywood-anectode: so it's me, de niros haemon, creon, and chorus. and we're walking down to the arclight to catch the lobster... haemon's ranting about something, you know how he gets: 'he wants to punch her in the face? no, how about i'll punch him in the face?' as some woman walks by, and straight out of nowhere creon 'ew'-s her! i mean he stinking 'ew'-ed her to her face! so of course haemon explodes, he's like 'hey man? what's the matter with you?' you know, and creon is like 'they just look so weak, i hate it', but haemon is like 'yeah? you want to 'ew' her in the face? no, how about i'll punch you in the face?', and throws a right hook and a left hook at the same time, misses both: his arms comes back around like a claw! chopped his head clean off! and his body running around like a headless chicken, head rolling around on the pavement like an egg, when i try make directors megaphone with my hands to yell 'cut! cut!', like i'm director, but my hands kinda miss / slide past eachother and came onto my throat like a claw! chopped my head clean off! but it, bawk, totally would have slayed, bickle-buk-buk, if i had managed... to... bawk, bawk, bakaa!
  7. cerebral comedy: i used to suffer from a severely reified consciousness, but then i thought 'a normal consciousness' and started using that instead.
  8. did this dude just did this?
  9. @houston approximately when was the onyx reference? i missed it. i got the tangella one and thanks hayes for referencing the 151 original pokemons. the new ones are all shallow marketing gimmicks, and frankly it makes me sick. hey, 'member ash dying in 'mewtwo strikes back' and pikachu trying to revive him, but then he can't, but then all pokemons get so moved and stop fighting to revive him with their tears? you often hear "cartoons is for kids", but that was actually maybe most moving moment of movie history and i cried so much, and maybe all the people making wars in the world should stop and think about that for a second?
  10. the centres of gravity has become multiple and it's funny how things change. the channeling: the problem with trump is not that he's tweeting in the middle of the night, it's that he's insisting on tweeting in the middle of the night. and nowadays it's so difficult because you have to respond to a tweet, not from a journalist, but from your opponent, in the middle of the night! and he's insisting on it! he took the bait and asked for more bait, more bait, do you have anymore bait? forget hook, line, and sinker, go full bait. gregory's bush impression was so good he should have been charged with war crimes. and gregory went to iraq, so he knows that the usa is about more than building the wall. it's also about smashing the wall, and managing the public perception of smashing the wall. you could read 10 books and understand americas role in the world, and why we have these alliances. why isn't trump getting better? why doesn't he ask david petraues to brief him on the surge? pre-surge iraq. post-surge iraq. why isn't he talking to saakashvili about georga? why isn't he facetiming wile e. coyote about the road runner? i live in new-york and my son takes the subway, so obviously i'm a security mom who believes nato plays a vital role and my vicodin and i firmly belive people are voting for trump because they're still scared about 9/11. the notion that what we do affect the behaviour of terrorists is a lie perpetrated by political correctness (and we're being nativist, not racist). nothing we did was related to 9/11 happening, and by the way, it's still all about 9/11 in case you forgot. and we need to keep lathering 9/11 both over our lame-stream media selves, and over the body politic to retard the wrinkling of skin and empire. do you think isis has a doctor in the room when they decapitate people with sporks? do you think there is botox in mordor? could you imagine the mouth of sauron co-hosting 'the view'? i pray to iluvatar that if trump is the chemo, then i am one of the cancer cells smashed to dust.
  11. yeah, totally. well, totally except... you know... except when baby terrorist. magine dunham's ahmed, but baby? "I BABY KILL YOU"!
  12. hey, pst, sam, he loves it when we bring up one of his two almost identical "miller's crossing" parts (but only mention the one he thought he acted well in! if you mention "the other one" he's gonna be furious!):
  13. thanks for bringing chumlee into my life. watching the youtube-clip video felt like sliding a greasy chumlee-shaped puzzle piece into a chumlee-shaped hole in my consciousness. smoke goes well with toke, but maybe cloak is the best one, because it makes me think of spawn. member when the lady tried to kick him in the crotch and he had like a big skull that shot out from his belt buckle and bit her foot? that's what we need, except for stopping you-know-whats, and it can work both ways, just wear it backwards. i fear that if i tried to specify 'conservative tech-bro' i would reveal that i have no clue what i'm talking about, and am actually dumb. i was planning on taking a 'flail arms first, ask questions later'-approach.
  14. wardell did a great job when you consider how intimidating it must be to roll with the punches from two guys about the same age as him, but who are already comedy giants. they said they got a 'young steve-o' vibe, i was thinking 'old tom scharpling'. since wardell is not tough enough to perform tweet-drafts on the spot, i'm going to show him how it's done by dropping some post-drafts: something about overhearing a woman on the street asking a man for the directions to the bank, and the man responding: 'what! in this economy?'. something about doing a flip on 'nerds is cool now' which is: 'jesters is kings now'. maybe sean did the show on remote because he was recording an episode of doughboys? i remember hayes or sean saying they did recording on same day 2 eps before this.