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    Questions for Sark

    You could just convert Brian's Goliath into a Dark Sun 2e half-giant. The dragonborn...I'm pretty sure there's rules for playing a Draconian in Dragonlance 2e that are very similar...you could probably could do that with only minor revisions. Converting a Warlock to 2e is trickier: the closest I could think of would be a specialist Wizard (maybe an Evoker or Conjurer) but it's still not quite right, although roleplay-wise, maybe a Bard would be a closer fit (i.e. 20 charisma).
  2. TravisForshee

    Blackie Greene

    This thread should be made into a sticky so we can avoid the possibility of forgetting his Charisma score (which, I believe is actually at 20 since they leveled up).
  3. TravisForshee

    Vin Diesel on Nerd Poker

    Is it just me, or does it look like Vin has a handful of Brian's right ass cheek in that last picture?
  4. TravisForshee

    "Crazy shit that happened in old adventures" segment name

    "Somewhere in Time"...that way, you replace Steve Miller with Iron Maiden as the intro music, and I don't ever have to hear Steve Miller again.
  5. TravisForshee

    The flashback segment needs a better name

    Of course, I finally find the thread that addresses this, and I can't seem to get this one deleted. Oh well.
  6. TravisForshee

    Questions for Sark

    Sark, given that the death penalty in 4th ed. is a LOT less severe (Raise Dead is a level 5 ritual that can be performed by most casters, and there is no XP or Con penalty), do you expect to see more reckless Gerry maneuvers once the group reaches that point?
  7. Sweet Remembrances? Steve Miller? Let's come up a better name, maybe something that's in line with Brian's metal (i.e. The 'Three Inches of Blood' opening). Maybe we can throw out some suggestions? Mine is "Somewhere in Time"...it keeps with the history theme, plus it's an excuse to play some Maiden. Anyone else have any ideas?