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    The Raven

    I ran to see this awful 2012 movie and it did not dissappoint. It tells the story of a young Baltimore detective teaming up with Edgar Allen Poe to solve a set of serial murders based on Poe stories. The setup of the movie is as follows: No one knows what happened in the last days of Poe's life...this is what really happened. The movies opens and closes on the moments before his death on some public bench while ravens fly above. I'm not sure who was interested in this historical mystery, but I don't think they will be satisfied by this fictional answer, that he tried to track down a killer and marry/save a blonde lady. While I was watching I was trying to remember EAP stories and facts about his life, but of course none of these things matter to the plot. So who is the serial killer? What will happen to Poe's love? How will he die? How early on will someone say the line, "Nevermore?" And HOW DID THIS GET MADE?