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  1. If you're into fast food and beer and are in the Phoenix, AZ area, I have a great restaraunt recommendation.
  2. Colt

    Can't get Earwolf podcasts from itunes?

    Have you tried using Howl.fm? I find it to be the best and most convenient way to listen to all my favorite Earwolf and Wolfpop podcasts, plus it has full access to the complete WTF archives including interviews with Robin Williams, Louis CK, and many more.
  3. Stephanie, you found your fiancee on the set of "In a World." Any ideas on where I could find my fiancee? She's been gone for a few weeks and all her stuff is missing and I'm starting to get worried.
  4. Colt

    Who is your HH dream guest?

    Would love to see Johnny Pemberton back on the show.
  5. Colt

    LIVE at the LA Podfest

    I got to see this live and it was one of the funniest improv comedy shows I've ever seen/heard. Hope it's released as a regular episode so I can listen to it again.
  6. February 16, 2009. 1:52 PM. It's tattooed on my lower back.
  7. Steve, DM me for my paypal info.
  8. In my opinion, that's the greatest song ever recorded.
  9. I was an honorary ball boy for the Sonics for a game when I was like seven years old. They picked me out of the stands and I got to shoot hoops with the guys and go into the locker room. I have a picture, I'll try to locate it. I think I could be considered NBA royalty.
  10. "What if I told you Shaquille O'Neal walked into a Hooters alone looking for a private meal? And what if I told you a 12 year old boy and his dad bothered him for a picture?"
  11. That hangout was pretty embarrassing for me and I feel like a huge weirdo not saying anything. I was waiting to be addressed and a lot of time had passed and I began feeling uncomfortable and then my wifi timed out (I was at a hotel in Reno, NV) and I rejoined and listened for a little longer and then left because I felt I wasn't contributing. All I wanted to do was tell my Shaq story. There are so many great details I've left out.
  12. I went to Boston once, in 2009. Another major life event that happened to me in 2009? I met Shaquille O'Neal at a Hooters in Phoenix, AZ. Here's a picture:
  13. Can I share a picture from when I went to www.free-Ed.net?
  14. Erin, you played "The Nurse" on an episode of "Scrubs." Any opinions on the recent VA hospital scandal?