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    The Black Dahlia (2006)

    I thought Black Dahlia was among the 2 worst movies I have ever seen. The other being Crash. Not the good one but the one from 1996 directed by Cronenberg which fetishized car crashes. I would subject my worst enemies to these piles of crap. The frustrating thing about Black Dahlia was they had an interesting topic and great actors who must've had a contest to see who could chew up the most scenery.
  2. ClydeWheeler

    Nothing But Trouble - Horrifying

    As a big fan of Digital Underground, I remember buying the cassette "This is an E.P. Release" featuring two songs from the movie "Valkenvania".( "Same Song" which y'all called All around the World and "Tie the Knot.") I think they probably intended to release it with that title but the title probably tested poorer than the movie. At least the soundtrack has the first Tupac recording. 2Pac started as a roadie and backup dancer for Digital Underground but got his first chance on the mic in "Same Song." I dug around and found some confirmation of my memory of this cassette found here: http://www.discogs.c.../release/232839 "Notes ▼ Tracks A1 and A2 from the Warner Bros. Original Motion Picture "Valkenvania". A Warner Bros. Film. (Note: "Valkenvania" was renamed "Nothing But Trouble" by Warner Bros. shortly before its release.)"
  3. ClydeWheeler

    The Protector (2005)

    This action movie is absolutely insane. It is though they had a roundtable brainstorming session and decided to use everyone's ideas. The story is of how after a Thai fighter's family is killed and their elephant stolen, he goes to Sydney to retrieve the elephant. It has all your favorite scenes: a speedboat fight, a fight against the participants of the X-Games each wielding a fluorescent light bulb and ends with an epic battle as he beats up an entire building Double Dragon style and a Zangrief look-alike throwing the elephant out a window. My single paragraph does not do this movie justice and it is a must watch just for the absurdity and the lack of any editorial control.