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  1. what's worse - Laurie's laugh, or the entire crew's lack of knowledge about the election and candidates? Do any of these people read past the headlines? Jimmy's "wasted vote" nonsense makes him sound so out of touch.
  2. RickSchmittJr

    Episode 283 - Spiritual Toddler

    Howard is so lucky to be sitting between these two gorgeous and funny women. Natasha and Howard need their own podcast.
  3. RickSchmittJr

    Episode 266 - A Positive New Year

    must have had another booking problem....because he was just on two weeks ago lol
  4. RickSchmittJr

    EPISODE 389 — Travel Agent-Si!

    omg the travel agent guest was bad...seemed to need Scott to lead his improv around. especially weak for CBB. the rest of the show was pretty damn fun
  5. Such a shame when people who obviously haven't thought about a "conspiracy" subject by thinking outside of their preconceived notions decide to talk about their opinions on the topic publicly. I don't ever normally think of Paul as foolish but he definitely showed his misinformed or underinformed side today.
  6. RickSchmittJr

    EPISODE 259 — Huskey Do's Huskey Don'ts

    That Alex dude said the same thing to Todd Glass about practicing for Jeopardy....
  7. RickSchmittJr

    EPISODE 256 — Knock Ups

    way too little time w/ guests on these new shows
  8. RickSchmittJr

    EPISODE 255 — An All New Era

    the Guest Chart theme song is FIRE
  9. RickSchmittJr

    EPISODE 253.5 — 10/09/15 TWO CHARTED 192

    smart move to ditch Twooch and make it just one show. Kulap seems hurried in most Whooch's anymore, pushing the conversation and not letting it blossom into comedy like it used to. I'd rather have one longer, quality show (like Whooch was at its inception), than two shows with lesser quality of each. Kudos team
  10. RickSchmittJr

    EPISODE 252.5 — 10/02/15 TWO CHARTED 191

    Weird realization for me this week - Howard on his own for a podcast is kinda weak, and Kulap with Armen is unlistenable for me anymore, so it must be the perfect combination when Howard and Kulap are together, because regular Whooch and Twooch are still golden.
  11. skipped the first segment, but proceeded to do 15+ minutes of advertisements. kinda ridiculous, even for these 2
  12. RickSchmittJr

    EPISODE 224 — Tardy To The Party

    Hayes and Howard are a tour de force in this episode. Hayes is hilarious on everything and he plays off Howard perfectly. I want a new podcast with those two. This is my favorite Whooch of the year.
  13. RickSchmittJr

    EPISODE 369 — The Hotwives of Las Vegas

    i love andrea savage. that is all.
  14. RickSchmittJr

    EPISODE 92 — Fans, Our Close Fans

    talk about phoning in the first segment.... more ads than HH for the first 10+ minutes.... sellouts!