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  1. Please help us raise money for our #goat #farm - every penny counts! https://t.co/wSSv8MgO05 contact me for info on how to help

  2. Thoughts and prayers with the people of Oklahoma City

  3. Check out @timheidecker and @brettgelman while they eat lunch and crack you up! http://t.co/fjWJa33Wtm


    #Pens sign Quinnipiac goalie, Hobey Baker finalist Eric Hartzell http://t.co/dikKDTD4hz via @cbssports



    #free #freestuff I just won 3 Swag Bucks for watching SBTV! http://t.co/KTefHLC3Op



    #ClawOfShame BEST #NathanForYou ever! Thanks Nathan and the ABSOLUTELY gang!

  7. Guess How Many Millionaires Collect Unemployment - Home - The Daily Bail http://t.co/hqWHg5LDHo

  8. Cubs owner Tom Ricketts receives package with goat's head inside http://t.co/9kuOnlDNKP via @cbssports


    #Erie County renters don't earn wage to afford average apartment. #wtf #economy http://t.co/MAYyzYRyiL


  10. Pittsburgh went 15-0-0 in March, the first perfect month in league history. #Pens #NHL #record


    #Portugal will need a second bailout...Will #EU contagion spread to the US #economy?

  12. Best #ComedyBangBang lineup: @PFTompkins , @ToddGlass and @TVsAndyDaly ....not seen since Ep 59....Free Subarus for Moms...do it again! #CBB

  13. Finally saw both "The Town" and "Argo" and I must say, well played, Ben Affleck. You'd been dead to me since you played Shannon Hamilton.

  14. Great white shark gets into viewing cage! http://t.co/vBW90VnuGZ #omg #scary #insane


    #VeepQuote "You're not even your mom's favorite Jonah, Jonah"

  16. "Vicodin - come to think of it, I am a little sore" - tagline by @eddiepepitone

  17. Oh, I get it, stealing isn't stealing when they call it a "haircut"


    #MentionSomebodyYouWantToMeet @nathanfielder for sure...i want to ask him how it feels to be the funniest thing on tv in 2013 #NathanForYou


  19. All these pics from the #Veep shooting have me pumped for season 2 on @HBO Thanks @MrTonyHale and @mrmattwalsh !!!

  20. It's official, Fiona Wallice is America's best therapist. Thanks, @LisaKudrow !!! #WebTherapy