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  1. Totally. One of my favorite bits on the show ever came from a story of his, the one about the ghost of Edgar Allan Poe.
  2. http://mthrfnkr.fm/charts/ *not that they're all like that, but a lot of them are. Ku has played Jessie Ware on the show before, so she's probably into it, but inquiring minds want to know how Howard's mind will receive the newfangled feelings-y electronic stuff.
  3. randogalrissian

    Episode 117 β€” LIVE from SF Sketchfest 2013

    showalter was an ok guest. it probably would've been better to bring someone back or find someone who actually listens to the show. i think most live podcasts in general thrive on callbacks and insider references. proud of my people for repping the bayβ€”even if they were mostly white and/or transplants and knew nothing about local hip hop. #KOALA
  4. randogalrissian

    Episode 116 β€” Feel The Night

    wow, that was fast. thanks dan! if we're ever in a situation in which you turn into a goose and you're having issues laying eggs, i promise to pull them out of you very gently.
  5. randogalrissian

    Episode 116 β€” Feel The Night

    hey guys, i need your help. i actually got an account--one of those things i'd been meaning to do for a while but never got around to--just to ask this question. so during chart roulette, right after mather answers the first question (at 59:45 to be exact) there's this 80s song playing in the background. this song has been following me around for the past month, but always at a distance. i've heard it at the grocery store, at an optometrist's office, you get the idea--but i could never hear the words clearly enough to google it. someone please tell me what this song is.