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  1. JeffBurtMacklinMarra


    Episode 155-SHOW CANCELLED, Our Close Friend
  2. JeffBurtMacklinMarra

    Episode 154 - Brandon Wardell, Our Close Friend

    Sean call in ep. Can't wait to hear what wacky situations that guy is gonna get into "abroad".
  3. JeffBurtMacklinMarra

    Episode 447 - These Are the Worst

    Sup, flt?
  4. JeffBurtMacklinMarra

    Episode 153 - Jen D'Angelo, Our Close Friend

    Agata, any chance I can listen early? It's my birthday.
  5. If you go to this page you will be treated to an adorable picture of a penguin: https://www.amazon.com/Zack-Zoey-Penguin-Costume-Medium/dp/B0057L7IJ8 Except that isn't a penguin at all! That is a dog wearing a penguin costume. Are you telling me some tricky photo "journalist" couldn't dress an entire school of fish in similar penguin costumes? Only a fool would make that claim.
  6. Dear Jen, As a comic, what is more important to you: filling seats or crushing tweets? Thank you very much, JeffreyParties
  7. Dear Jen, My brother is faster than me, but I'm way funnier. Is there any way to use humor to win a footrace? Thanks, The Narnold
  8. Dear Jen, Does having an apostrophe in your name ever get in the way of professional opportunities? Thanks, Corpsefucker Shitlord
  9. Dear Jen, How can I be funnier than my father in law? We have a big dinner coming up and he always makes my sweetheart laugh way harder than I ever have. I'm afraid she's going to leave me for her dad or someone who looks similar, like Dustin Hoffman. Thanks, love your work, chief. JeffreyParties
  10. What's up people? Are you doing good? Really enjoyed this episode Good podcast all around Even though it was less than an hour Not enough! Can't wait for next Tuesday Oh man, I love HH My favorite podcast Even better than I4H Bebop is my favorite tmnt villain Andrew is my favorite forum villain Chewbacca is my favorite star wars villain Kel is my favorite villain of all time Titty titty boob boob Oh my god, you killed Kenny Steven Dorff electric cigarette commercial Lance Armstrong is a cheater Arnold Schwarzenegger too Cameron Esposito is funny Kobra is a terrible mortal Kombat character
  11. Mike Hanford? More like "Mike Handmetheauxcordbecauseimgonnablastthisepisode" I already listened, but I probably will listen again and see if I can bounce a basketball even faster than they did.
  12. Nolan, I don't know if you got a significant other, but if I can offer any advice, dump them and get a body pillow of your favorite anime character. It's the most fulfilling relationship a boy can ask for. Sometimes I tape my iPad over my pillowgirl's face and play some of my favorite shows to keep it lively during our more "intimate" moments.
  13. Brother, if I'm a clown that makes you the fucking 3 rings in my circus, because I can and WILL walk all over you. Check yourself before you heck yourself, kiddo.
  14. What if they made it not good? Comedy is surprise, so if they surprised us and made a not good ep, that would be comedy. Get it through your head, ya numbskull! Psssh I'm outta here, twerps
  15. JeffBurtMacklinMarra

    Episode 150 - Brett Marcus, Our Engineer Friend from Germany

    51 bags of milanos on wall, 51 bags of JUST KIDDING GUYS