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    Jeff Q&A

    Jeff! I first wanted to thank you for your work on Earwolf and the Wolf Den show, I always found it an extremely useful resource. I run a sports podcast network myself, going on 3 years now. We've grown to just under 20 shows and have built a sizable audience. My biggest issue to date has been selling meaningful ad space across our network. I'd appreciate any advice you have on that would be extremely helpful. We've had some smaller companies on board but I've yet to hook a big fish, despite a large audience. I also heard yourself and several guests reference a service or spreadsheet of marketing contacts at companies, if you could shed any light on that either on the forum in via message, I'd greatly appreciate it. Have you seen any difference between Facebook and Twitter when it comes to building a show's audience? Does one tend to transfer over to more interest in listening to the actual shows. In my experience Facebook has translated far better but I was curious if Earwolf had seen the same. Keep up the great work, big fan of Earwolf, when we spent about $4k upgrading many of our hosts' equipment I made sure to use the Amazon affiliate link, hope you guys saw some of that.