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    I listen to podcasts way more than I listen to music. It makes meeting a new person or going on dates kind of hard, but screw them.
  1. These touchy-feely debates have the same effect on me that criticizing Hillary Clinton has on Besser.
  2. Mikeyfazed

    Episode 99 ā€” A View To a Kill: LIVE

    My mind was blown that Jason or Paul didn't make fun of this part during the interminable horse stable scenes: In Zorin's basement, Bond throws that obese henchman into a packaging machine to kill him. The plunger comes down to put the lid on the henchman SO SLOWLY. Instead of a lethal force, it comes down to gently massage him.
  3. Hey guys, I really love the podcast - the mixture of thought provoking ideas and comedy is on point. One minor complaint - the music. Normally I can deal with the music bumpers you put in, but that "analog" German "band" you put on was way over the top. Not a fan!
  4. Re: the Scotts covering the 'backlash' over the release strategy... the internet whining/feels over this album was ridiculous. A band you don't like released a free album? It took you 5 whole seconds to delete? Talk about a first world problem!!
  5. I guess this doesn't bode well for the Apple/U2 marketing machine, but the only way I (as a moderate U2 fan) knew there was a new album was my podcast app had a notification for me of this episode. Not a bad album, "Every Breaking Wave" is my favorite. Of course my favorite part of the new album was that the Scotts sat their juicy asses back into the studio to record another ep!!!! PS - When Scott did his Woody Allen saying "the... prisoner... of azKA-bannnnn"
  6. If I were in the Letterman audience for the "Freak Like Me" taping, I would seriously question whether I had inadvertently consumed LSD.
  7. Holy shit, this was great. I put it on and actually forgot it was a Scotty2Hottie remix until I heard those dulcet tones in the chorus. A++!
  8. Sounds like someone's a fan of Old Sourpuss!
  9. The story about kicking in the stall door while singing a Hall and Oates song was awesome. Right after finishing this ep, I was in line at the UPS store, the radio played "Private Eyes". I started chuckling to myself like a complete fool!!
  10. Mikeyfazed

    Episode 284 ā€” A Thrilling CBB Adventure Hour

    Dat-ta-dum-dum... Dat-ta-dum-dum... LOST TIME
  11. Mikeyfazed

    Episode 8 ā€” Pop

    I had been fearing this moment for the whole run of the podcast... I'm actually pretty pro Pop (the first half only), and "Do You Feel Loved" is in my Top 10 list. Glad to hear both scotts were on board.
  12. Mikeyfazed

    Episode 7 ā€” Zooropa

    I never get sick of hearing about the "twisted mind of Danny DeVito." Also, that 10 minute conversation between Bono and the Edge about the belly dancer was outstanding.
  13. Sounds like someone was Running to Stand Still, if you know what I mean. Also, how on earth do you exercise to a comedy podcast?
  14. A little heavy on the U2 talk for my taste, but a great listen nevertheless.
  15. This podcast was such a treasure, thanks Andy, Matt and everyone else for all the laughs!!! Man I wanted to be one of those drunks in the audience shouting "MON-SIG-NOR!" SO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!