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    The Running Man (1987)

    this movie definitely needs to be how did this get maded. if they did demolition man then they should do this one too.
  2. MichaelPeeples

    she's out of his league

    she's out of his league is a terrible movie that for some reason i bought. it is supposed to be a romantic comedy, but there is no comedy. the plot goes like this kirk works at a pittsburgh airport as a tsa employee. molly is a party planner/former lawyer. the movie takes place in pittsburgh. kirk meets molly at airport, then, after returning her phone to her she decides to date kirk. then everything comes to a head when molly and kirk are about to have sex when kirk and molly reveal how. there are serious plot holes, and the chemistry between kirk and molly is flat if not existant. when molly explains how she got into party planning she says she was studying for the bar (exam) wondering if this was this was she wanted to do with the rest of her life. when she volunteered to plan the christmas party. then she says i loved it i quit the firm and went into business with patty. taking the bar implies she has gone to law school and has a law degree. what is not clear is if she actually finished/took/passed the bar exam. second mollys relationship with her parents doesnt come across as strained as she described in first date. stainer and his ex which seem to be a play big role in the movie doesnt get explained till the end and nothing is done with it. if jack is so handsome and an expert on love why is he not with a girl or have girls crawling all over him. the apparent ranking system that main male characters are using no one else is using.
  3. MichaelPeeples

    Space Jam (1996)

    i would argue that space jam is not bad enough for HDTGM. its not as bad as BarbedWire or Sleepaway Camp or the twilight flicks. it just looks bad now that we the former six year olds who watched it are grown up. I will admit i once owned the space jam soundtrack, one of my fav songs was I believe I can fly by R.Kelly. Watching all the greatest basketball players lose their talent was great.
  4. MichaelPeeples

    Surf Ninjas (1993)

    Surf Ninjas is classic HDTGM. two exiled young boys living in Cali but are from a madeup island get kidnapped(aka coaxed) into returning to their homeland to usurp the current dictator/ruler of their country. The boys are told of their heritage by their royal heritage by their bodyguard/stalker. for some reason a black american cop accompanies them. along with their idiotic moron friend. I strongly reccomend this movie.
  5. MichaelPeeples

    3 Ninjas (1992)

    I was just looking through what other peeps posted on HDTGM and came across this thread. I totally agree three ninjas was god awful, offensive, it made sense to children apparently because they made sequels to it.