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    Episode 9 — Hollywood Bowl

    Can we please see Harris on CBB more often this year? The fact is, I need more Harris Wittels in my life, and it has been way to long since his last serving of foam.
  2. If were not going to get our weekly dose of Scott And Scott for the foreseeable future. Does that mean Scott and guests might appear on CBB more frequently? Because as much as I love CBB, I think what was so great about this show was it had the quality that the old CBB and CDR shows had which was bro's just bro-ing out. Hope the show comes back soon, but a Paul. F Tompkins, Harris Wittels, Adam Scott episode of Bang Bang would be a pretty great consolation.
  3. chadcd

    Episode 143 — Normies

    I hate to disparage Kulap in any way, but I have been loving these recent guest hosted episodes. Also Howard's new voice might be the funniest thing I ever heard on the show.
  4. I think Shariq Torres might be trying to get himself on a case closed. God I love me some Matt Besser.
  5. I know, isn't Danielle pregnant too?
  6. Fantastic interview with Randy Cohen and I think he would be the perfect judge for the next time there is a Case Closed segment on the show.
  7. Oh my God, what a line up.
  8. Alright this show definitely makes up for no Farts and Pro 3.
  9. I want Farts and Pro 3!