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  1. LegalZoom

    Episode 59 - Jon Gabrus - Spotlight On: Chris Gainz

    Listening to Jon fail to contain his laughter during the open is my favorite thing about comedy podcasts.
  2. LegalZoom

    Episode 560 - 1-800 Jingles

    "I can't believe it's not butter....spread"=the loudest laugh of the year for me.
  3. LegalZoom

    Episode 525 - 2017 Holiday Spectacular

    Get you someone who's as into you as Zouks is into MC Sugar Butt.
  4. LegalZoom

    Episode 499 - The Freak

    This. I'm finally catching up on this and this thread had me tamping down my excitement for Kyle's appearance for no reason. I'm not sure if people here actually are questioning whether Kyle got it, or if they are all in on some sick, twisted joke.
  5. LegalZoom

    Your First CBB Ep - was it a C+?

    First was Zouks and Andy Daly as Dalton Wilcox. My first podcast was How did this get made (big fan of the early seasons of The League which led me to episode one of HDTGM), and that led me to seek out more of this Jason guy's work, which led me to the Cowboy Laureate of the West. Of course, that's a C+ ep. I'd like to map how I ended up listening to the 20+ podcasts I listen to regularly or semi-regularly. I imagine many of them stem from someone's work on CBB.
  6. LegalZoom

    Episode 435 - Jim Gaffigan Says No

    Did Scott mix up two different characs, or did I miss an ep with Tito and the Titans of Comedy? I thought it was Jaz-Jaz and Nathan Fielder who got along so famously. Either way, this episode reminds me of Mike and Omar taking out the trash.
  7. "Like Dr. Evil doing the Macarena"--what a pull.
  8. "I'm still getting piled...by people who are hard as rocks" My biggest podcast laugh of the week.
  9. LegalZoom

    EPISODE 364 β€” The Marm of Smarm Returns

    Probably my favorite moment of the ep.
  10. LegalZoom

    Great episodes to introduce someone to CBB?

    My first ep was 148 Wipeout; Dalton Wilcox and Zouks. I think it's a good intro to the format of the show (there are many) and of course hilarious.
  11. Ep. 237 of CBB: Filipino Blockbuster. He plays Tito Ben and does "I Wanna Sex you Up" by Color Me Badd at 34:45 and "Hold on" by Wilson Phillips shortly thereafter. One of my favorite CBB moments ever.
  12. Scott: How old are you? Crimp: I'm 57. Scott: 57 . . . Crimp: And let's see what year is it -do the math . . . for me . . .please" Favorite LL moment.
  13. LegalZoom

    Episode 306 β€” Project Funway

    Can we talk about how good Scott is at Riddle Me This?
  14. LegalZoom

    Episode 294 β€” Honk Shoo

    30 Seconds to Mars.
  15. LegalZoom

    Episode 287 β€” Stinky Chips

    1000 points to the person that can point me to the ep where the "crime before time" first came about.