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  1. matthusmcc

    Collision Course (1989)

    This one just popped up on HBO Go. I can't believe HDTGM has not yet worked this one over. The 'hilarious racism' and overt product placement makes this a sure bet.
  2. matthusmcc

    Episode 64.5 — Minisode 64.5

    Just watched this for the first time at 35. Duck boobs. Marty McFly's mom molesting what looks like a child in a costume. Andy Dufresne on cocaine. Duck size condom. How did someone look at this script and say "Go for it!"???? I have been forever changed. Love HDTGM!!
  3. This episode was one of your best! I can't wait to make Jason's 'White Guys Rapping' freestyle in to a ringtone.
  4. A special best-of edit of the Devil's Advocate podcast. I love this episode!! HDTGUmmmmmmmm.mp3