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  1. surenotgunshy

    Episode 32 — Live From Lot 1

    Really awesome show, and it sold me on the book so it's doing that job.
  2. surenotgunshy

    Episode 31 - All Hail The Queen

    Awesome episode.
  3. surenotgunshy

    Episode 128 — Hashtag Morris

    Just to be pedantic The Rock never had a move called 'the brahma bull' it was jut one of his nicknames(like The peoples champ). Like an anti-John Cena who is playing a face and meant to be cheered but gets booed by 40-60% of the crowd at any given show.
  4. surenotgunshy

    Episode 29 — Nothing But Net

    Jut wanted to say I love when you guys go off topic. Most of my favourite stuff is recent hip hop news stuff(Danny Brown etc.).
  5. surenotgunshy

    Episode 28 — No Blacks, No Jews, No Asians

    Good episode. Plus, thanks for playing that Chance the Rapper track. I'd heard of his stuff but not got around to copping it yet, downloading Acid Rap right now.
  6. surenotgunshy

    Episode 171 — Crispy Critters

    Kate has the most adorable laugh.
  7. Awesome episode. Lapkus always brings it.
  8. The only problem I have is that I've found that when the podcast is being videoed the hosts tend to make more visual references and the like so I've become paranoid about listening to my favourites in case that happens and just wait for the video. It's not the end of the world or anything though, I can wait... I'm sure I can wait...
  9. surenotgunshy

    Episode 218 — The 4th Anniversary Extravaganza!

    Amazing show. I might be alone in not enjoying the Bachelor Brothers by the looks of things but that did not detract much from a classic episode. Wompler 4eva!
  10. surenotgunshy

    Episode 23 — And It Might Go Pop

    I have such a mancrush on Dr. RosenRosen
  11. surenotgunshy

    Dungeons & Dragons, Editions & You

    While I've never laid eyes on the beginners box myself it's gotten great reviews - I think the two posts below give a fairly good look at it. http://www.sarahdark...-box-first-look http://www.sarahdark...eaching-new-gms Additional for minimum outlay pick it up from Amazon: http://amzn.to/XnplUf $23 US as I post this. Also as Pathfinder unlike 4th Edition is Opensource you can check out everything in the full game(rules wise anyway, you're missing explanations, illustrations and flavour) in the system reference document: http://www.d20pfsrd.com/ If you do end up picking up the core book and I highly recommend you do you'll want the Bestiary but imo you're fine with the pdf version which Paizo sells for 10 bucks versus 40 for the hardcover(which is beautiful and worth it but if you're budget minded... plus it saves a little so you can spend it on...) and the Advanced Players Guide which I think is probably the best splat book they've put out and probably my favourite RPG product of the last decade. Six new classes the Archetype system which gives variant rules for all the classes plus a heap of new spells and feats. As a DM you're going to want to decide what is appropriate in your world or your game if you're running in the default Pathfinder setting of Golarion(as an example I don't allow inquisitors, alchemists or summoners in my game). While I tend to create my own world and design all my adventures myself, it would be remiss of me not to mention that Paizos Adventure Paths are probably the most consistently praised products they put out to the point that many people convert them for use with other systems Rise of the Runelords: http://bit.ly/14QTZK0 & Kingmaker: http://bit.ly/10KnWpM are probably the two most popular. Best of luck and I hope and believe you're going to have an amazing time.
  12. surenotgunshy

    Dungeons & Dragons, Editions & You

    Twilight 2000 and MechWarrior both fall into my bought but never played file. I can't remember how I got MechWarrior but I do remember never having any enthusiasm for it(Played and enjoyed Battletech though - guess the concept worked for me more as a board game). Twilight 2000 though, I found it on the second hand shelf at a hobby store. I loved that system and most of all the character generation, plotting your guys life block by block until you got to the point when the dice declared war had broken out. I made so many Twilight 2000 characters but I could never interest anyone in playing it. I'd like to look over the rules again actually, it's now even more firmly an alternate history setting but that's kind of cooler even. Probably post more here later but those thoughts jumped right into my head so I thought I'd get them down.
  13. surenotgunshy

    Episode 16 — The Water Box

    God, THAC0. I had a long hiatus from d&d when I was busy with sex, drugs and being a teenager(Okay, that also involved quite a few games of Shadownrun and WoD) but I remember reading online about 3rd coming out and the changes to AC and thinking 'How come we all persisted with the shared delusion that THAC0 was a fine and normal idea for so long'. That also reminds of the 18 to % Str system. I mostly played Basic and Expert set as a kid, but we played a half dozen or so games of 2nd edition with the Krynn setting book when I was about 11 as we were Dragonlance fans. I rolled the only natural 18/100 strength I or anyone I've know rl has ever seen. Made him a Knight called Sir Tigerblade(I was 11) played one session for about 6 hours and never got to play him again. What a waste. Thanks for the memories. (and I hope this post escapes my own self imposed edition talk ban in spirit if not the letter of the law)
  14. surenotgunshy

    Skype D&D Nerd Poker Group

    What are you using to run it online, I've been looking into to getting into some online Pathfinder action but I'm yet to do much research. I hear G+ hangouts is a strong way to go but I don't have a cam on my desktop currently(and playing from my tablet sounds awkward at best). Just reminded me of an old roleplaying comedy video which I downloaded in 2004 or something, looking for it just now I found that it's a whole series. Can't vouch for the rest of them but this one amused me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yb-sCNfE0bM edited 4000 times in an attempt to embed the above video
  15. I'll echo the great line-up comments, but waiting for these video podcasts to go up is torture!