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    Episode 57.5 — Minisode 57.5

    Thanks so much for the feedback, all. I added a feature where the movie titles link to their IMDB page, so you can do a little research and be an informed voter. (I had never heard of Mazes and Monsters before.) I generally avoid any forum based system, and those of you who have used one on any other site (or have friended any of my extended family on Facebook) know why; y'all are restoring my faith in humanity.
  2. haydenmccabe

    Episode 57.5 — Minisode 57.5

    I put together a demo system, and if anybody wants to help me out by trying it, I'd appreciate it. It's available at http://haydenmccabe.com/hdtgm.php As of right now, it works like this: You can look at the list of the films currently in the database, which are listed showing the number of current votes, a button to vote for a film, and a note that says that if you've already voted for it. It tracks unique users by IP address, so if you try to vote for the same movie multiple times on the same IP it shouldn't let you. I'll probably update it so that you can take back your vote, if applicable. If you want to add a film to the list, there's a field at the end where you can put in the IMDB ID number, or the URL of the IMDB page for the film, and it should find and add it. Just go to IMBD, find the movie, copy the address and paste it into the box. It's not pretty, but let's worry about getting it stable and full of features first.
  3. haydenmccabe

    Episode 57.5 — Minisode 57.5

    That's a simply brilliant suggestion HeyTedBaxter, using IMDB as the unique identifier for a film. There's a system available at http://imdbapi.org which allows IMDB to be queried, returning the title (and poster, if available) of films. I'll try throwing a beta of something together today. One significant advantage I see to doing a custom built piece of software - as opposed to an existing survey system - is that it could be made such that it could be presented as a Facebook "Page Tab," allowing users accessing the HDTGM Facebook page to participate directly from that site, while others vote or submit to the same system via another website (although probably not the Earwolf site itself, due to their existing CMS). One question I would ask is if people think it's better to allow one vote per movie per user, or more restrictively, one vote per user. I would suggest the former, as I'm sure many people have a small handful of movies that they would recommend.
  4. haydenmccabe

    Episode 57.5 — Minisode 57.5

    Hello all, Per the request made at the end of the most recent mini-episode, I would like to add my name for consideration for the project to create a system to track the bad movie requests. That's what I do (well, I do a number of things, but on paper I largely develop custom web software1). As for my bona fides, you can see some of my work on my personal website, http://haydenmccabe.com or http://jaysongallaway.com (I'm particularly proud of the comment system on that site). Client reviews of my work and verification of my skills (PHP and MySQL would be applicable to this particular project) can be seen here: https://www.elance.com/s/edit/haydenmccabe/ All I would ask is that if we need a graphic designer to pretty it up, you make a request of the brilliant artists who are fans of this show to help out, and that you help me out with a mention of my upcoming iPad game when it launches. Secondly, I would recommend, in the strongest possible way, the film "Time Changer," an evangelical Christian Sci-Fi time travel adventure. A nineteenth century seminary school lecturer is sent into the dystopian future that will come about if secularism becomes mainstream, and of course, ends up in our world. I genuinely had trouble determining if certain parts were supposed to be humorous, or just a product of the sort of film where "damn" is too salty of language. As of this writing, it appears to be available online here: http://www.cross.tv/36308 with a trailer available here: Does it have D-list star power? How about Gavin MacLeod, Hal Linden, Paul Rodriguez, and the Jump-To-Conclusions mat guy from Office Space. Does it alternate between bad sci-fi and deep confessions of faith? Of course it does. Is it strongly of the opinion that scientists should probably go and fuck right off? Naturally, and I believe that may be a first for a time travel movie. Great show. I'm a huge fan and I recommend it to my friends all the time. Thank you for it. 1If you needed coats checked, or to lease an apartment in this building I manage, I would help you out there as well.