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  1. mikebonetti

    Episode 253 - Little Esther, Our Brand Ambassador

    Hey checking back in on the forum for the first time in a while, it looks all new! and the liking system has changed. While I'm not sold on the new forum style; I AM sold on HH still pumping out the best podcasts every week!
  2. Congrats to The Boys!!
  3. mikebonetti


    Hey Seano! I heard you like mountain goats, so I got you this card! Sorry if this got you started. Happy Birthday!! Love, Your close friend, Mikey B
  4. mikebonetti


    Happy Birthday Hayes!! Hope you are having a truly fun time. I got some of the boys together to sing you Happy Birthday, I hope you enjoy it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PxrrLhTO0ug
  5. I feel like a Birthday Boy every Tuesday, because this show is such a gift!
  6. mikebonetti

    Episode 151 - Beck Bennett, Our Once Friend

    Awesome! Fun! Exciting! Funny! Cool! Nice! These words and more describe this episode, I'm sure! edit: I was right!
  7. Holy smokes! 20 Pages!?!? Y'all are wildin'. You guys are great. Dope ep of the pod.
  8. mikebonetti

    Episode 149 - Just Sean and Hayes

    I completely missed the forums last week. Don't worry, Hollywood Handbook is still the greatest podcast, and Hayes and Sean are still the best and funniest.
  9. mikebonetti

    Episode 147 - Julie Klausner, Back Again

    Sorry to interrupt Box talk but, this ep was great! Every ep with Julie and everyone who got the Pro Version on her first episode is great!
  10. Great episode! I was just thinking this was like a "classic" HH episode. Thought of that one by myself. After that sweet plug, I had to check out this great videogum article: http://www.videogum.com/1741425/the-one-where-i-took-the-tmz-tour-of-hollywood-2/vg-loc/videogum/
  11. This episode was a classic Grade A corker! I am a harsh, but fair critic.
  12. mikebonetti

    Episode 144 - Howard Kremer, Our Close Friend

    I listened on the beach, and it was great! It was a nice augmented reality, a real pokemonGo type performance! edit: referencing pokemonGo is still a popular joke to make right?
  13. More like end of an ERROR.
  14. Delightful ep! And can someone get Jack something to eat?
  15. I listened to this podcast on a flight from Los Angeles to Boston. It had me laughing as I safely flew 40,000 feet above the vast wasteland known as flyover country.