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    USS Williamium Falcon
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    I love to call in to the Starfleet Podcast to talk about Quatloos, Freaky Ferengi ear pictures, Everything about Odo, and Keeping Up With The Cardassians.
  1. Captain Han Luke Picard

    Episode 21 — Oy Vey

    Please, call me Captain Han Luke Picard. I want to publicly apologize to @MelGotServed. While she did indeed get served by a standing Starfleet Captain, it may have been against Starfleet Regulations to serve with such vicious intent. Next time these phasers will be set for stun. Live long and Prosper (even Mel's Parents) Everyone
  2. Captain Han Luke Picard

    Episode 20 — Filipino Gollum

    Please, call me Captain Han Luke Picard, as you are an engineer and engineers rank below Captains on Starfleet vessels. Though you are an engineer, so I shall take your science advice into consideration as all good Captains must. I will get to the bottom of this temporal displacement! To the Q-zone!
  3. Captain Han Luke Picard

    Episode 20 — Filipino Gollum

    Captains log, March 12, 2013, Delta Quadrant Captain Han Luke here to break down a continuity error in the latest Starfleet Command Podcast! If you notice my call is at the end of the podcast, but when originally recorded, it was at the beginning! I assume due to some bad editing on Brett's end. Fear not, for next time I shall call in at the end of the recording, thus tricking Brett into placing my call at the beginning of the podcast! Until next we meet, Live Long and Prosper Captain Han Luke Picard (son of Captain Jean Luc Picard)