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  1. MichaelHernandez

    Sexy Frankingstein?

    iFrankingstein was already sexy
  2. MichaelHernandez

    Episode 31 — Dave Thomas, Our Close Friend

    Listening to this ep tonight. What a treat! Let us remember that a Skellington is INFINITELY more scary than a skeleton.
  3. MichaelHernandez

    Best HH clips?

    I wonder if its possible. It's almost like you have to have lived a certain way, seen certain movies, noticed certain things...I don't know. It's hard to explain.
  4. Gave one a listen after the CBB ad a while back and now I'm hooked. Perfect podcast!
  5. MichaelHernandez

    Finally caught up on all the episodes

    The Nicole Byer episode was a pleasant surprise. It's always fun when you've never heard of the guest and they end up crackin' you up.
  6. MichaelHernandez

    Episode 290 — Shed Busting

    the "closet" can be a metaphor for any social taboo. It is inspiring to hear someone speaking out againt the darkness and the silence. I'd like to say hello from "la casa chica", a Latin American taboo that I was born into...