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  1. Boyz N the Hood meets Tales from the Crypt in this alternately horrific, funny, and socially conscious anthology film. The four grim vignettes are framed by the tale of three street hoods who break into Mr. Simm's inner-city funeral home to find a stash of drugs. The mortician puts them off, by telling them a few eerie stories about his "patrons." I won't lie I F****** love Clarence Williams III performance in this movie. Moments like ''-We shoot them real good with embaulming fluid mainly. You know it keeps them from *breathes in* smelling.'' or just ''The SHIT!?!?'' really makes you appreciate an actor of his caliber. The rest is pretty much straight up garbage and I loved it. Here is the whole movie, enjoy folks!
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    -This movie is a fucking disaster zone
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    -Hey, Guess what dumdumb. You should know what you're giving the murderers in your prison. Oh, hey someone dropped this off for you, what is it? It's a gun. Boom, you're dead.
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    A Talking Cat!?! (2013)

    I fucking love this line: -A talking cat?! That's just stupid! That's the best you can come up with?! Probably what the writer got told countless of times before someone decided to finally do it.
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    Against The Dark

    Let me start with some reviews on rotten tomatoes, Scott Weinberg writes: ''-Every 15 minutes a few blood-covered stuntmen leap out from the shadows and get involved in some uneventful carnage. You'll hardly notice. '' Brent Simmon writes: ''-Terrible, and even suffers from a paucity of Seagal. Opening dialogue: 'We're not here to decide what's wrong or right, just who lives and dies.' Whaaaaaaaaaat? '' Haha pretty cool right? Need I say more? Of course I do! Please Do Against The Dark, there is so much nonsense in that movie it's MENTAL. I'm begging you guys just to check it out. In this movie Steven Seagal just walks with attitude for more than half of the picture, Steven got female badass ninja henchman that dont say a word for the whole movie and when they finally die in horrible pain without making a sound a guy in the crew actually asks Tao (steven character) why they didnt make a sound while dying and Steven answers something like: She's trained to not say a thing. Basically he repeats the fact that they dont talk and he doesnt explain shit. OH, and there's a zombie in this movie just sharpening her teeths for THE WHOLE picture... It's insane. Steven Seagal Produced it and stars in it, and it's from the Director of photography of the original american pie, only this time he's Directing a horror movie starring Seagal: Genius. The writer is unknown. Please keep it up with the awesome pod, it's the only thing keeping me from ripping my desk off the floor and shoving it up a random guy butt at my job. You guys are great thx alot. Here's the trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=95CdQS-X4YA -Lovic ''btw im french'' Fortin