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  1. Andy Dick Cheney

    Episode 248 - Triumph At Comic-Con

    Rarely drop by anymore (long story but also very simple story) but just had to praise this ep. Great stuff.
  2. Andy Dick Cheney

    Episode 199 - Scott Aukerman, Our 199th Episode Guest

    Panel: I got an answer wrong in my maths class and the teacher said “uh the algorithms gonna get you” and he laughed. BUT we weren’t even doing algorithms cause it was Tuesday. Anyway who should I report him to?
  3. Andy Dick Cheney


    Hi Sean. Happy Birthday. I was going to send you some nice personal condoms like I sent Hayes but that led to me being banned from America. Instead I'm having a pretty sweet party with my new clown friend in your honour
  4. Andy Dick Cheney

    Episode 182 - Doing Spont, Our Close Friend

    Just had to drop by and say how sensational this episode was. A great job by all.
  5. Andy Dick Cheney

    Episode 177 - Wild Horses, Our Close Friends

    Just revisiting some of my sensational posts while listening to this tremendous episode of HH Is Robotam even alive any more. Who knows Hope you all are well
  6. Andy Dick Cheney

    Episode 148 - Andree Vermeulen, Our Close Friend

    Great show. Well done lads.
  7. Andy Dick Cheney

    Episode 144 - Howard Kremer, Our Close Friend

  8. Andy Dick Cheney

    Episode 143 - Showrunners Panel, Our Major Event

    I JUST fed you for fucks sake. Nothing more until you finish your homework.
  9. Andy Dick Cheney

    Episode 143 - Showrunners Panel, Our Major Event

    Tuesday mornings tbh
  10. Andy Dick Cheney

    Episode 142 - The Great Debates, Our Close Friends

    This hasn't automatically downloaded for me. I think ol Andy must have badmouthed me to ol Hayes and arranged for my ol download to not work. I ran over Andy with my Vespa a few months back and he's held it against me ever since. Just lame stuff like "pressing charges" and threatening "civil suits" and crying cause i ripped his "sveltest jeans" and badmouthing me to Hayes. GET OVER IT, ANDY. Should be a fun episode though. --------- Episode Review: 5 Stars. Very funny. I liked it. I hope you did too. Maybe not you though. I'm still not sure about you. Prove yourself. Win my heart. OK Bi Bi*. *That's a kinda sexy way to say "Bye". Like "Bi" from "Bisexual"
  11. Andy Dick Cheney

    Episode 141 - Karen Kilgariff, Our Close Friend

    Super pumped for this episode Andy placed high on Alan Magazine's™ "69 To Watch In 2016®" Of course, everyone was tied for 69th place in the interest of fairness. ---------------------- Edit: Post listening thoughts: VERY fun show Andy sounded like he smelled pretty good. I'm happy for him Hayes 10/10 Sean 10/10 Cody 10/10 Karen 10/10 Andy 10/10 I was going to do marks out of 69 but I don't know where the line is anymore. Like Robin Thicke. Remember? Blurred Lines? The Song? The shitty song? Boobs? Gimmicks? Can't believe you don't remember.
  12. Andy Dick Cheney


    f u n e p i s o d e o f t h e h o l l y w o o d h a n d b o o k p o d c a s t
  13. Andy Dick Cheney

    Episode 135 - Jon Daly, Our Close Friend

    This is a clip from a get together I have every Tuesday here in Ireland. About 17069 of us gather in our national stadium and clap along to the episodes. Unfortunately there are alot of hand injuries. We also binge watch the laugh out loud hit TBS comedy My Boys every Friday. Remember Fridays? The day from the Rebecca Black song? Remember? No? It's a pretty significant day of the week.
  14. Andy Dick Cheney

    EPISODE 132 — Annaliese, Our Song Singer

    Haven't listened to this yet and maybe I never will!* obviously i will. Maybe today. Maybe even as you're reading this. Hey if you are reading this post as I listen to the pod can you do that thing where you like kiss your thumb and finger area and the point it to the sky and say something cool like "For my brotha Alan" or "For the man with the butt that makes me go wut?" I wanna see if i feel a tingle or a jolt. I'm all about connectivity and centering and shared experience. Also i'm paraplegic. Like this but not as fly obviously:
  15. Andy Dick Cheney

    Episode 131 - Jake and Amir, Our Close Friends

    Uh I wanted this kept quiet. Guess you didn't read the non disclosure as thoroughly as I asked you to.