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  1. Hey, just out of curiosity did any of you newbies have a difficult childhood? I'm the person on the forum who gets to the heart of the matter and I'd really like to find a connection with you guys. I know it's tough to talk about, but sometimes sharing your story of being molested, watching your grandma die right in front of you, or being abandoned at an orphanage can really help me to like you.


    I had one of dem sweet ass, idyllic childhoods. Here I am with a dope TMNT Bday cake:



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  2. I was all set to invade you on Sunday America and respective Americans but I had to cancel my whole trip yesterday.


    But rest assured I will be back. You can count on that America. I won't say where. I won't say when. But lock your doors because I GUARANTEE you I will burst through them. When you least expect it.


    When you least expect it is the best time to do it. Surprises are fun.

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  3. I know Silly Lilly is now part of the star club and all, but don't you think we're getting a little carried away here? We don't want to inflate her ego too much, now, do we? I'm sure there are other forum members, maybe even ones who are also members of the elite star club, who knows, who might more deserve a spot on that board. All I'm saying is I now have photoshop on my work computer and are you really going to make me start using it for the forums?


    Soz Dixon. Please accept this commercial showcasing high end technology from your namesake retailer as a conciliatory gesture:


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  4. Dixon's right, ADC. You forgot to put me on there.


    You should honor his wishes and photoshop me into jail because I feel like I'm in a fucking prison with all of this disrespect.


    BTW cool ep I liked it.



    edit: wtf mwn, don't steal my shit before i think of it


    I left you out Ronnie because I couldn't remember your new Username and I didn't want to ultimately disrespect you by using your old name.

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  5. I felt bad for the Call In Girl not because she was being duped but because she was actually talking to Sean and Hayes and she's only going to realise it today.


    She'll be kicking herself like that time RanRan messed up on her attempt to call in to the call in show.


    Finally, I very proud of Joe today. He has been given a lot of physical gifts but today he received an emotional gift and I only expect him to blossom into a more complete man (if that's even possible).

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