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    Olympus Has Fallen

    WOW... That's actually disgusting.
  2. MeganPreece

    Olympus Has Fallen

    I honestly am not sure where to begin... I have seen better special FX and acting on Walker Texas Ranger. Seriously Antoine Fuqua should be ashamed of himself! 1) This would NEVER happen! An unresponsive plane allowed to enter DC airspace before the fighter jets are deployed in a post 9/11 world... not going to happen! 2) The acting... substandard made for TV movie garbage. Not even Gerard Butler's hotness could distract me from the first day of acting class mediocrity that played out on screen. 3) Inconsistencies in accents. One minute the bad guy was sort of Korean sounding and the next he was a mob boss from NY. The actor is Korean-American, he has probably heard a Korean speaking English and therefore should know how they pronounce... or don't pronounce r's! I don't know maybe I'm overly critical because I lived in Korea for 3 years but this really pissed me off! There are plenty of straight from Korea actors that Fuqua could have cast in this role. However I'm assuming that none of them would have signed on as Korean movies are brilliant and this movie would have been well below any of them. 4) Why do writers insist on throwing in that "funny" line at the end of a serious event? No one would walk out of a major disaster, past hundreds of dead bodies and crack a joke... most likely you'd be in shock and speechless! Only Bruce Willis is allowed to do this. I get that movies stray from reality but this one was soooo far removed from reality that I laughed out of embarrassment for not only all those involved with the film but also for those of us who paid to see it. There were so many other things I could have been doing during that time like, bleaching my eyes or giving myself paper-cuts and then pouring lemon juice over the wounds.
  3. MeganPreece

    The Last Song

    If you do one Sparks movie you have basically covered all of them!
  4. MeganPreece

    the hobbit

    It was LOTR with some new characters and scored the same for similar scenes. It was entertaining yet a bit too long. Considering The Hobbit is shorter than all of the LOTR books making it into 3 movies is obscene, I think Tolkien would even agree and that man is the KING of too much detail! It's definitely not HDTGM worthy though.
  5. MeganPreece

    Oz the Great and Powerful

    I'm sure if I was 9 I would have walked away from this movie with a smile on my face. But I'm not 9 and I definitely ran from the theatre in search of a strong drink. I loved the opening credits, I thought they were uniquely done but it went downhill from there! James Franco... I get that he was supposed to be an insincere dbag but was he supposed to appear to have brain damage as well? I could understand it if he did, I mean his journey to Oz was a bit bumpy. Rachel Weisz... she's simply too good of an actress to be in something this awful. She clearly brought her acting down to a level that didn't overpower her costars too much. MIchelle Williams... I legit wanted to take her wand and hit her with it. Her character enraged me. She probably throws up rainbows and shits sparkles. ANNOYING! Mila Kunis... Mila fucking Kunis where do I even begin on this disaster. I would have fired her from a community theatre production if that's the kind of performance she attempted to put in. If I didn't know who she was and someone told me that she had been on a long running successful sitcom and had done several ok movies I would have never believed them. And the makeup/cgi on her... WTF! TERRIBLE casting! The movie did have a couple good things going for it. The china doll (animated) was decent and Finley the flying monkey (animated) was occasionally funny. Other than that NO! Just no!