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  1. somepeople

    Episode 170 — Aging and Immortality

    aww I liked giggly boots I can't with kyle and his muffin dog. Too adorable.
  2. somepeople

    Episode 169 — Online Dating

    I feel like David's been getting annoyed quite a lot lately. Maybe it's the lack of Aaron that's messing up the dynamic? What about that girl with the glasses - she could be the new wrangle target, leave David some space to wave his kitty paws and roll his r's in peace...
  3. somepeople

    Episode 133 — Goals

    Alright, I know this podcast is free and I shouldn't be complaining, but those whale jokes were just absolutely disgusting. I'm not sure I'll ever listen again knowing that filth like this is apparently A-OK to broadcast into the ears of innocent listeners!
  4. somepeople

    Episode 132 — Teaching

    Aww Andy is a sweetheart and I was very impressed by his riddle! I love teach, hope he turns into a regular character
  5. somepeople

    Episode 129 — Scientists

    I love both Tig's lil baby voice AND Aaron's grunty phone ring
  6. somepeople

    Episode 122 — Religious Science

    I was sceptical at first because of the lack of fellas, but this episode was fantastic. The sexy old woman in the shoe riffing had me cackling.
  7. somepeople

    Episode 114 — People Without Color

    Personally I prefer "melanin deficient"... I agree with the sentiment that you can call white people pretty much anything. Without the structural, societal imbalance to back it up, none of the "slurs" for white people really burn.