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    The Master of Disguise (2002)

    I caught this on cable back in the early 00s and it really, really sucks. Half of the movie is just closing credits with terrible outtakes. Would make for a great ep.
  2. Tre Tre

    The Weirdo

    "It's not real orange juice. I just pretend it's orange juice." Inept psychopathic masterpiece. Guys, please watch The Weirdo.
  3. Tre Tre

    Twin Sitters (1994)

    And how has no one dignified this post? I just created an account for the express purpose of recommending this movie. Ill-conceived from start to finish. Like a shitty mashup of Kindergarten Cop, Problem Child, and Home Alone with insane Long Beach pro wrestlers in the lead. A genre-less train wreck that aims for family flick and instead winds up an incredibly violent and unlikeable movie for no one with flat comedy and offensively stereotyped characters. Highest possible recommendation.