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  1. treggles

    Frankenhooker (1990)

    Frankenstein meets pretty woman in this 1990 classic ..
  2. treggles

    The Devil Inside (2012)

    The priests living in Italy that are being documented don't speak a word of Italian.. One priest performs a baptism in Italy in English... At least get the language right..... Please do an episode of this
  3. treggles

    Iron Sky (2012)

    Nazis on the moon, Sarah Palin-esque president and the fate of earth in one man's hands!! The perfect mix for a horrible movie. Check it out on Netflix
  4. treggles

    Cant' Stream Podcasts

    I am streaming from work. I just tried getting onto soundcloud.com and it is blocked.
  5. treggles

    Cant' Stream Podcasts

    I just add the domains to flash in the control panel but the player is still not working
  6. treggles

    Cant' Stream Podcasts

    I just get the play button and a gray bar. When i click on the play button nothing happens. Ill play around with my settings and see if that does the trick. I am using Google Chrome as my browser. I tried Internet Explorer also and it isn't working.
  7. treggles

    Cant' Stream Podcasts

    Recently, I guess about a week ago it seems earwolf changed the layout of the streaming button on all the episodes and now I am not able to stream anything. Is there a way this can be fixed?? New episodes are piling up and I would like to listen to them. Thank you