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    Episode 196 — Power Stache

    FYI Sam Smith is gay and his album is about an unrequited love between himself and a previous boyfriend, http://www.eonline.com/news/546310/sam-smith-opens-up-about-being-gay-reveals-album-is-about-a-guy-who-didn-t-love-him-back
  2. emilyg

    Episode 121 — The Origin of Dubstep

    loved this episode. and was glad to hear moshe's take on 'Thrift Shop', and didn't just describe it as Wiewie did as a 'haul' video. It really is much more, http://rapgenius.com/Macklemore-and-ryan-lewis-thrift-shop-lyrics as for Macklemore's 'Same Love' song (the 'prop' song as Wiewie called it), this song was debuted last fall in support of Proposition 74 in Washington state for same-sex marriage (which was passed). Macklemore didn't write this on 'the flames' of Thrift Shop, or the success of Thrift Shop didn't enable him to write that song. he's being writing real things for 10 years now, not just now because of his recent commercial success.