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  1. science corner. i did my best to search through the other posts to make sure that i wasn't repeating something someone else already said, but my cat is asleep on my arm so instead of doing the sensible thing, i'm trying to balance my slippery computer on my sternum while doing everything with my non-dominant hand. all reptiles have lungs (and not gills) so turtles need to surface in order to breathe. but you'd think they'd be able to hold their breath longer, right? weeeeeird.. i did a cursory wikipedia search and found some weird turtle/tortoise respiratory facts/"facts": "...some species have modified their cloaca to increase the area for gas exchange". <-- they exhale through their butts? they don't really have a diaphragm, and because of the varying rigidity of turtle shells, it sounds like there's some kind of internal Rube Goldberg machine at work.. some of sets of muscles work like our diaphragm.. but other turtles basically need to retract/protract their legs in order to breathe? some maybe need to be walking for this to worki think i'm misunderstanding that part, while green sea turtles can't breathe while "walking".. so when you see video of a turtle dragging itself on a beach to lay eggs it's holding it's breathe while moving and can only breathe when resting.. and something about most reptiles not having a separation between thei nasal and oral cavities.. so the Turtles wouldn't likely be able to talk (breathe) while eating pizza. i think. WHAT? http://illuminationstudios.com/archives/63" some turtles can actually breathe through their butts!? http://www.nejm.org/...200011233432118 apparently it was most likely breast cancer. i can't put my finger on it, but Donatello's Penitent Magdalene looks like some 70s musician.. ? this is going to bug me..
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    Episode 229.5 — Sklarbro County 134

    yeah! fuhr is my namesake!
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    Episode 100 — Junior

    the only time i've seen (part of) this movie was sometime soon after it came out on vhs, on the ferry to newfoundland (http://i.imgur.com/1jO7bAk.jpg) during a really choppy winter crossing. 12 year old me only made it halfway through this ipecacian piece of cinema before stumbling to the bathroom and projectile vomiting in rapid fire succession in probably 4 or 5 different stalls, as the ship's pitching and rolling quickly made each new stall unclean.