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  1. NameThatPunky

    Episode 155 β€” Gay Athletes

    steamy meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeats
  2. NameThatPunky

    Episode 155 β€” Gay Athletes

    Tig's complete lack of knowledge about football was so great. Was he in the NFL? Was he playing on football teams?
  3. NameThatPunky

    Episode 179 β€” She's Upton, Not Uptight

    I'd love one that was like "Top billboard this date 10 years ago" or something.
  4. NameThatPunky

    Episode 179 β€” She's Upton, Not Uptight

    Guys, Stard, Ram Hand, anyone who reads this board and has any kind of influence, we HAVE to start using other charts. I can't stand any more Dark Horse, or All of Me, or Talk Dirty to Me, or Happy. I don't even hate all of them, it's just been weeks and weeks of them being on the show. Get the country chart back, or an electronic chart, or a rap chart, or a foreign chart. We need new blood. I love the show, and that's why I care.
  5. NameThatPunky

    Episode 178 β€” Wool Gatherer

    If only Aaron wasn't already gone from Blastoff....
  6. NameThatPunky

    Episode 153 β€” Animation

    Winter's going to get expensive,
  7. NameThatPunky

    Episode 152 β€” Screen Printing

    It's.. yooge.
  8. NameThatPunky

    Episode 151 β€” Science of Creativity

    I hope they just didn't get lost in the wilderness or something.
  9. NameThatPunky

    Episode 151 β€” Science of Creativity

    I think these episodes got lost in time with the Professor and got mixed around.
  10. NameThatPunky

    Episode 175 β€” TUTSTEP

    I lost it at "detergent." COME SEE BEGERDENT
  11. NameThatPunky

    Episode 174 β€” Losing Our Chartginity

    Agreed, I guess they haven't soundproofed it yet?
  12. NameThatPunky

    Episode 173.5 β€” 3/28/14 TWO CHARTED 112

    Stard is the best.
  13. NameThatPunky

    Episode 173 β€” Doughnut Agree

    This guy lost me when he shat upon American Hustle then said "fuck yea" for The Muppets.
  14. NameThatPunky

    Episode 148 β€” Adoption

    Ahhhhhhhh thrifty nickles
  15. NameThatPunky

    Episode 172.5 β€” 3/21/14 TWO CHARTED 111

    I've heard the Sloppy Timmy internet security spot 3 times but I still love it.
  16. NameThatPunky

    Episode 146 β€” Anxiety

    School of mimes? Blastoff won't be the same without you Aaron. Good luck with the kid and your schooling.
  17. NameThatPunky

    Episode 145 β€” Data

    Happy birthday, Dan.
  18. NameThatPunky

    Episode 169.5 β€” 2/28/14 TWO CHARTED 108

    I'm only through Wie's chart and there's so many great moments. I've had to rewind 3 or 4 times to hear them again after they happened. EASY TIMMY GAWWD. Gooooood.... We just got the table set and you wanna throw all the dishes on the... put a... alright.
  19. NameThatPunky

    Episode 144 β€” Sensory Science

    Tig described it as, "coffee."
  20. NameThatPunky

    Episode 169 β€” Jaws is better

    I also love that the Lego Movie notes are written on the back of Who Charted ad copy.
  21. NameThatPunky

    Episode 169 β€” Jaws is better

    The kids gotta eat all the Starbust to find out if their Principal needs to go to the hospital.
  22. NameThatPunky

    Episode 168 β€” Survived the Whistling

    That's all I've ever wanted to know.
  23. NameThatPunky

    Episode 166 β€” Runnin’ Down Dreams

    I thought it was Pink. Pop music is the worst.
  24. NameThatPunky

    Where's Aaron?

    It's been brought up in some show threads but wanted to know if any engineers who visit here know the deal. Just a vacation? Were a bunch of eps recorded at once and he couldn't make it? His good-intentioned bumbling is always a great part of an episode and can launch some good bits. Plus I want to know what the professor is thinking about.