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  1. NameThatPunky

    Episode 607 - Are You a Heaux?

    This was absolutely bonkers.
  2. NameThatPunky

    Episode 606 - Treasure Hunting with Silversun Pickups

    "Why don't you kill yourself?" - Scott Aukerman
  3. NameThatPunky

    Episode 604 - Hashtag Song Goals with Seth Green

    More Hashtag.Song_Goals.
  4. NameThatPunky

    Episode 599 - 10th Anniversary

    I need more MC Sugarbutt in my life. "This is a hot entrance."
  5. NameThatPunky

    Episode 598 - Secret Shopping with Motley Crue

    Absolutely love that he delivered on sending in clips of him asking his wife those questions. "Can you stop?"
  6. NameThatPunky

    Episode 599 - 10th Anniversary

    I say this with all the love for this show. What the fuck?
  7. NameThatPunky

    Episode 436 - They Laugh and Then Shush

    I don't know if Matt thinks he's each week's second guest or what.
  8. NameThatPunky

    Episode 594 - Now It's Time For A Breakdown

    Holy shit John Mackey was amazing. His twists and turns were top notch.
  9. NameThatPunky

    Episode 589 - Werewolfwithal

    My brain still can't remember which name came first. It's already accepted Walton Dilcox as reality.
  10. NameThatPunky

    Episode 429 - Remembering Brody Stevens

    This was great and comforting to hear. Thank you Howard for doing this.
  11. NameThatPunky

    Episode 588 - Lil' Choices

    Boy, now this was a journey.
  12. NameThatPunky

    Episode 587 - No Relation

    Hugo getting lots of talk in this ep.
  13. NameThatPunky

    Episode 586 - Butt First

    Man I've missed Gaul. Always brings the bonkers.
  14. NameThatPunky

    Episode 585 - Lemons Is The New Black

    "Polanski has one point" is a sentence I never thought I'd hear.