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  1. It’s DOCTOR McButtsnack—I didn’t go to school for eight years to be called Mister McButtsnack. Now take off your pants.
  2. The weather outside is frightful but your conflation of seventeenth-century pre-Hegelian existentialism and the Stuttgart Market Revolt of 1677 is quite insightful.
  3. “Daddy, what’s a Mississippi Bobsled?” asked little Scotty. “Go ask your Uncle Hot Charlie,” his father said knowingly.
  4. The Comedy Man Always Bangs Twice
  5. Roses are red, corn is yellow, yo mamma just farted and boy does it smello
  6. Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, which was his first mistake
  7. People who live in glass houses are weird.
  8. Before we get to our first guest, let’s take a moment to remember that wombats have cube-shaped poop.
  9. You. Me. A bushel of fresh Silver Queen. And a kilo of hand-churned goat butter. Tis a corn-summation devoutly to be wished.
  10. Were you raised in a barn? Cause you look just like a goat I used to bang.
  11. More like my nuts resting on your mom
  12. Ain’t no party like a goatless party ‘cause a goatless party got no goats
  13. Elevator Pitch: Between Two Ferns Christmas Special with Zack in a Santa suit interviewing feral cats. Ferns blinged with tinsel. Discuss.
  14. One if by land, two if by sea, three if by an owl with glasses
  15. I’ll have a Mulgravey’s Crutch on the rocks with a twist of satsuma