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  1. Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale of yet another small business person.
  2. Your hey is writing checks that your nong can’t cash, man
  3. Don’t assume. Because assume begins with the word ass, which is what you are.
  4. I came here to chunk bubbles and scald ass.
  5. Let’s go ahead and address the elephant in the room. What’s up, Jumbo?
  6. If math was easy, they’d call it your mom.
  7. RU Talkin’ AC/DC to Me and Bobby McGee?
  8. There’s a place in France where the ladies wear no pants. It’s called La Place de la Femmes Sans Pantalons.
  9. You’ve got mail, but you’ll need magical plate armor, because that Beholder is coming in with a +16 melee attack bonus
  10. Colfax McLiverneck

    Make hey while the nong mans.

    Make hey while the nong mans.
  11. Assumptions are like assholes—they make an ass out of you and me and holes.
  12. Buttholes are like assholes. They’re literally the same thing.
  13. Catchphrases are like assholes. The sphincter loosens over time.
  14. Have I ever asked myself why I need a new catchphrase so badly? I mean, what volume of farcical meta-nonsense will actually satiate me?
  15. If butts and nuts were putts and guts then the second half of this catchphrase would be nearly impossible to write.